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After-school Math Party

I finally feel like I have a minute - which doesn't happen a lot these days. 

And since I finished all of my Statictics reading and assignments for the week I don't feel guilty about jumping on the ol' blog. 

Did you know I am taking an online Statistics class? It sucks. I like what my brother Matt said about it - he is currently a Math PhD student. He called Statistics a "dark art" and told me that he couldn't help me. 


I tried taking Stats in high school and barely passed. I tried again when I was first in college and withdrew. Third time is a charm, right? Hopefully?

Anyway it's going to get me into an RN-BSN program so I kinda have to stick with it and do well this time.


My piano lessons were also cancelled this morning for the second time this week. Mine and Ava's teacher has had the sickies swimming around in her home - and we really don't want anything to do with that.

Did you know I have been taking piano for about 8 months?

It's true and I love it. Every night as the girls are going to bed they beg me to play for them - so I do.

These days the piano room is my favorite in our whole house. It holds all our treasures and I find myself wanting to just sit in there often.

Untitled  Untitled
Rosie's First Day in Panties

These two little sweeties have been the best of friends these days. They are playing so well together and are causing so much mischief. 

Roo is currently going through speech evaluations to see if she qualifies for speech services through the school district. Her needs are borderline. She interchanges a lot of sounds and drops sounds from words as well. I have been trying to keep track of the more obvious ones for the therapist.

please = klease
strong = frong
great = gwate
stuck = tuck
myself = myfelf
look = gook
plate = sflate
like = glike
stuff = duff
place = klace
wash = shwash
that = dat
green = gween
your = lure
special = beshal
crazy = cwaysee

I would say an average person (who isn't used to talking to preschoolers) understands about 50% of what she says. Some understand more - like her friend's moms. I get about 90-95% - sometimes I need a few extra seconds then it clicks. 

The hardest part is seeing the frustration she feels when she isn't understood by other kids or adults - even us sometimes. She gets mad and will just shut down when asked What? over and over again. More than anything I don't want to see her embarrassed or frustrated. 


We've also been baking and eating waaaaay too many cookies theses day. So my headaches are back and I feel another Sugar Cleanse coming on soon….

as I have one in my hand. 

Theme Song to this post? 



Spring said...

Oh, I feel you on that poor frustrated kiddo! Seriously the hardest part of those delays. I hope she does qualify for some help, those programs do some amazing things!

Matthew said...

It's good to see that guitar out in the piano room. Is it getting played?

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