Ski Bunnies


Yesterday morning E took the big girls up to ski school. 

I fretted all morning about how they were doing and hated that I couldn't be there to see them. 


E assumed that he would sit all day in the lodge reading while they took on the snow, but it turns out he couldn't tear himself away of the utter cuteness of our girls bundled up together and on skis learning to maneuver themselves - that and he was worried that they were warm enough. It was 20 degrees out with a significant wind chill. 


I don't blame him. I would have been right there too with a huge grin cheering them on. 


He did good though and took plenty of photos and video.


Seriously, how cute is this of them chilling on the magic carpet together?


 I love it. 


Now they just have to go another time or two and will have it down. 

I can't wait to all go together - even though I'm a little nervous to strap my board on again.

It's been 4 years! 

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