little moments

we do a lot in our little family. we get out a lot and explore a lot. we have fun together and are building so many wonderful memories. and i love that about us. i love that my girls love to hike and see the world and that my husband is up for anything. 

you know what though - day to day the grind of the week has been a struggle for me lately.

getting kids up.
off to school.
running errands.
more cleaning.
school pickup.
bedtime routine.

during all this time spent running around stressed and crazy i have found myself without feeling. i am like a robotic taskmaster - slashing to do lists and spewing out orders.

i have found myself neglecting to recognize the little moments that make being a mother the best job in the world - the moments that i missed and craved when i was a working mom.

i have been forgetting that my children just want me. they want to spend time with me.

they want me to hold them and read to them. they want me to dress their dolls and color and paint with them. they want my presense - my happy presence - not my stressed out, tired, ugly, cranky presence.

and i have been forgetting that the thing that brings me the most joy is being with them! talking to them, laughing with them, teaching them, seeing them interact with each other. i have been missing those moments lately and i miss them bad.


over christmas break i treasured our down days where we had nowhere to go and nothing to do. we stayed in our jammies all day and baked and played and just enjoyed the time. i know it's a little cheesy, but i recorded a few moments from those days and posted some pics on instagram with the hashtag #scenestotreasure.


they were moments that were quiet and raw where all i did was sneak a little picture to catch that place and feeling in time. little snippets of the joy i felt watching and listening to my dear daughters.

the crazy thing is that i know these sweet scenes with my children are happening everyday - i'm just not seeing them lately. i'm neglecting to look and i have been neglecting to be more a part of them.

i have been hesitant to set any lofty goals this year, but this is something that has been on my mind a lot the past couple of weeks.

so for the foreseeable future (with some good reminders) i am going to make an active effort to set aside my distractions, to do lists, and focus on those little moments that really do make being a mom the (super cheeeeeesy!) best job in the world.

want to join me?

i'd love to see these snippets from you too!



Rachelle said...

Oh the day to day grind is the hardest. Waking up every morning is so hard for me. I get slight anxiety Sunday night. There is nothing I love more than time as a family without the chores, laundry, and school schedules. I'm craving summer vacation already!

And Kelly and I have been talking about really playing with our kids each day. Finding the time between all the chaos. It makes us so much happier.

Kelli said...

Yes! Maybe it will help me to shake the mom robot as well. :)

the crew said...

Amen. I truly feel the same way- and have set out with the same sort of idea- I'll be looking for scenestotreasure:)

AshDaBell said...

I love this! I can see how it would be easy to get caught up in how busy and stressful life can get but its great to take a minute and think about what's really important.

JCLS said...

I have been feeling this the past couple of weeks....so busy with my own things and not focusing on my little sweets. My little Ster will be 3 on Friday and I can't believe it.....I feel like I have missed a lot of opportunities to capture how he went from my baby to a little boy!

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