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I remember a couple of years ago there was a little homemade yogurt craze and it seemed like everyone I knew was making their own yogurt - okay not everyone, but quite a few friends. So, I apologize if this is totally old news to you. 

I was a very pregnant working mom at the time and I was intrigued, but ignored it due to my lack of passion for anything unless it had to do with my family, career, or sleep. 

Yeah, those were kinda dark hard times for me…we won't go there. 

Anyway, the last few weeks I've been going a little homemade crazy. It started with almond milk - which I have almost perfected, then hummus, which is getting better and better, and finally last night I decided to make yogurt. 


We get milk delivered weekly from a local dairy and I had a 1/2 gallon of fresh, bottled whole milk in the fridge so I looked up some instructions and voila! 


Yogurt was on the way!

Gosh, it is so easy it's almost ridiculous that I hadn't tried it before! You just put a quart of milk in a pan and heat it to 180 degrees - if you watch it 180 is right when the milk really froths up and takes on that milky-hot smell.

Then you take it off the heat and let the temp get down to 115 degrees.

While the milk is cooling boil some water and sterilize a 1 quart glass jar with it - or 2 pints + lids.

Once the temp hits 115 degrees lightly whisk in 3 heaping tablespoons of plain high-quality-probiotic-rich-store-bought yogurt - I like to call it "Your Mother."

Gently pour into glass jar(s) and cover.


You then have to "incubate" it for something like 12 hours. I just made the yogurt in the evening and let it sit all night.

To incubate I wrapped the jar in hand towels tightly and put it in a mixing bowl with a lid over the top - you could also use a cooler or another warm spot in your house.

The next morning I gave it a little stir and put it in the fridge to cool.

After school the girls begged to try it and I didn't hesitate to bust it open - after all, it looked like yogurt, and it smelled like YOGURT!


We dolled it up a little with some local honey and blueberries. They would have gladly finished the jar off, but I knew Easy would want some. I convinced them to save a small serving for him and he loved it too.

I currently have another batch incubating right now and am expecting fabulous results after learning a few things last night.

1. There is nothing to be afraid of. Easiest thing ever!

2. Have a reliable thermometer - I should have known not to use my old one since it turned my caramel to toffee back at Halloween.

3. Skim off the milk "skin" before mixing in Your Mother - Ava got a chunk and it totally made her gag. Haha.


TheKeilShpeel said...

I am going to have to try this.. but would it be totally different to use milk from the store instead nice clean milk you probably get at your door?

Meg said...

Oh man, if you run that through a strainer before the incubating process, it takes a bunch of the whey out and then you get that awesome thick greek yogurt.

Good job on the discovery of this little homemade goodness. You'll be making cheese before you know it.

I totally want a milk delivery service! Every time it snows I think, "Ok, we have eggs and bread covered, if only we had milk, I wouldn't have to go to the store!"

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