little moments

we do a lot in our little family. we get out a lot and explore a lot. we have fun together and are building so many wonderful memories. and i love that about us. i love that my girls love to hike and see the world and that my husband is up for anything. 

you know what though - day to day the grind of the week has been a struggle for me lately.

getting kids up.
off to school.
running errands.
more cleaning.
school pickup.
bedtime routine.

during all this time spent running around stressed and crazy i have found myself without feeling. i am like a robotic taskmaster - slashing to do lists and spewing out orders.

i have found myself neglecting to recognize the little moments that make being a mother the best job in the world - the moments that i missed and craved when i was a working mom.

i have been forgetting that my children just want me. they want to spend time with me.

they want me to hold them and read to them. they want me to dress their dolls and color and paint with them. they want my presense - my happy presence - not my stressed out, tired, ugly, cranky presence.

and i have been forgetting that the thing that brings me the most joy is being with them! talking to them, laughing with them, teaching them, seeing them interact with each other. i have been missing those moments lately and i miss them bad.


over christmas break i treasured our down days where we had nowhere to go and nothing to do. we stayed in our jammies all day and baked and played and just enjoyed the time. i know it's a little cheesy, but i recorded a few moments from those days and posted some pics on instagram with the hashtag #scenestotreasure.


they were moments that were quiet and raw where all i did was sneak a little picture to catch that place and feeling in time. little snippets of the joy i felt watching and listening to my dear daughters.

the crazy thing is that i know these sweet scenes with my children are happening everyday - i'm just not seeing them lately. i'm neglecting to look and i have been neglecting to be more a part of them.

i have been hesitant to set any lofty goals this year, but this is something that has been on my mind a lot the past couple of weeks.

so for the foreseeable future (with some good reminders) i am going to make an active effort to set aside my distractions, to do lists, and focus on those little moments that really do make being a mom the (super cheeeeeesy!) best job in the world.

want to join me?

i'd love to see these snippets from you too!



Dino Ridge


I was planning a little post from our trip over our 3 day weekend a couple weeks back and lucky me my little Ava wrote it out herself at school. Thanks girl. 


See those 2 on the right. That is how they both smiled all day. In every single picture. 



GM touching a footprint.

There is another one at 11 o'clock and one at about 5 o'clock.

She didn't hesitate climbing up there at all. 



After Dino Ridge we went for a little drive to the "frozen pond" Ava referred to.



It was actually a little lake.

Evergreen Lake.

It was completely frozen.

There were ice fisherman on the deeper end near the damn and shaved down skating areas on the other end.



Rosie was a little freaked out by the whole thing.


Easy was good about getting her trust back. He's a great papa.


I think we will have to go back and check it out in the summer. 


These Days

After-school Math Party

I finally feel like I have a minute - which doesn't happen a lot these days. 

And since I finished all of my Statictics reading and assignments for the week I don't feel guilty about jumping on the ol' blog. 

Did you know I am taking an online Statistics class? It sucks. I like what my brother Matt said about it - he is currently a Math PhD student. He called Statistics a "dark art" and told me that he couldn't help me. 


I tried taking Stats in high school and barely passed. I tried again when I was first in college and withdrew. Third time is a charm, right? Hopefully?

Anyway it's going to get me into an RN-BSN program so I kinda have to stick with it and do well this time.


My piano lessons were also cancelled this morning for the second time this week. Mine and Ava's teacher has had the sickies swimming around in her home - and we really don't want anything to do with that.

Did you know I have been taking piano for about 8 months?

It's true and I love it. Every night as the girls are going to bed they beg me to play for them - so I do.

These days the piano room is my favorite in our whole house. It holds all our treasures and I find myself wanting to just sit in there often.

Untitled  Untitled
Rosie's First Day in Panties

These two little sweeties have been the best of friends these days. They are playing so well together and are causing so much mischief. 

Roo is currently going through speech evaluations to see if she qualifies for speech services through the school district. Her needs are borderline. She interchanges a lot of sounds and drops sounds from words as well. I have been trying to keep track of the more obvious ones for the therapist.

please = klease
strong = frong
great = gwate
stuck = tuck
myself = myfelf
look = gook
plate = sflate
like = glike
stuff = duff
place = klace
wash = shwash
that = dat
green = gween
your = lure
special = beshal
crazy = cwaysee

I would say an average person (who isn't used to talking to preschoolers) understands about 50% of what she says. Some understand more - like her friend's moms. I get about 90-95% - sometimes I need a few extra seconds then it clicks. 

The hardest part is seeing the frustration she feels when she isn't understood by other kids or adults - even us sometimes. She gets mad and will just shut down when asked What? over and over again. More than anything I don't want to see her embarrassed or frustrated. 


We've also been baking and eating waaaaay too many cookies theses day. So my headaches are back and I feel another Sugar Cleanse coming on soon….

as I have one in my hand. 

Theme Song to this post? 



Home Made


I remember a couple of years ago there was a little homemade yogurt craze and it seemed like everyone I knew was making their own yogurt - okay not everyone, but quite a few friends. So, I apologize if this is totally old news to you. 

I was a very pregnant working mom at the time and I was intrigued, but ignored it due to my lack of passion for anything unless it had to do with my family, career, or sleep. 

Yeah, those were kinda dark hard times for me…we won't go there. 

Anyway, the last few weeks I've been going a little homemade crazy. It started with almond milk - which I have almost perfected, then hummus, which is getting better and better, and finally last night I decided to make yogurt. 


We get milk delivered weekly from a local dairy and I had a 1/2 gallon of fresh, bottled whole milk in the fridge so I looked up some instructions and voila! 


Yogurt was on the way!

Gosh, it is so easy it's almost ridiculous that I hadn't tried it before! You just put a quart of milk in a pan and heat it to 180 degrees - if you watch it 180 is right when the milk really froths up and takes on that milky-hot smell.

Then you take it off the heat and let the temp get down to 115 degrees.

While the milk is cooling boil some water and sterilize a 1 quart glass jar with it - or 2 pints + lids.

Once the temp hits 115 degrees lightly whisk in 3 heaping tablespoons of plain high-quality-probiotic-rich-store-bought yogurt - I like to call it "Your Mother."

Gently pour into glass jar(s) and cover.


You then have to "incubate" it for something like 12 hours. I just made the yogurt in the evening and let it sit all night.

To incubate I wrapped the jar in hand towels tightly and put it in a mixing bowl with a lid over the top - you could also use a cooler or another warm spot in your house.

The next morning I gave it a little stir and put it in the fridge to cool.

After school the girls begged to try it and I didn't hesitate to bust it open - after all, it looked like yogurt, and it smelled like YOGURT!


We dolled it up a little with some local honey and blueberries. They would have gladly finished the jar off, but I knew Easy would want some. I convinced them to save a small serving for him and he loved it too.

I currently have another batch incubating right now and am expecting fabulous results after learning a few things last night.

1. There is nothing to be afraid of. Easiest thing ever!

2. Have a reliable thermometer - I should have known not to use my old one since it turned my caramel to toffee back at Halloween.

3. Skim off the milk "skin" before mixing in Your Mother - Ava got a chunk and it totally made her gag. Haha.


2013 Recap

2013 was good to us!


In January we played and played in the snow and I traveled back to my hometown in Nevada for my Grandpa Lewis' funeral

February brought a trip to Vail and our first winter trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for sledding.

In March we moved into our new home and Easy turned 33.

April brought running into my life and a fabulous trip to Moab and Arches National Park for spring break.

In May we kicked off summer and Easy and I spent a weekend in CA celebrating our 10 year anniversary. My parents came to visit and we spent time at Mt Evans and pouring concrete in the back yard.


June was spent at the pool and visiting Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills in South Dakota. I turned 31.



During July we celebrated the 4th with friends, camped near Twin Lakes in RMNP, our cute GM turned 6 and Easy and I hiked Mt Timpanogos together. I also ran an obstacle 5K with my best friends.

Untitled    Untitled

August was a big one! We spent the first couple days still Utah playing with cousins. The girls started school again. 1st and 2nd. And finally E and I took off to Bermuda for a week!



In September we took another good local trip to Brainard lake and later we were hit here in Colorado by the 100 year flood that washed out those same roads we had taken to the lake.


In October we celebrated Roo's 4th birthday, drove down to Albuquerque to see the balloon festival with old friends, and finished it off with a fabulous Halloween!

Untitled IMG_4618

In November all my running was put to use in my first Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas. Our sweet Ava turned 8 and the Rose Bud turned 2. For Thanksgiving we took a last minute trip to Utah to be with the Gardiner's.

December was a month for snow and celebrations with sledding, Ava's baptism, and finally Christmas.


So, 2014. I've been thinking about it a lot - actually I think I have been over thinking it.

So the plan is simply this:

To sit back and just enjoy it. :)


Ski Bunnies


Yesterday morning E took the big girls up to ski school. 

I fretted all morning about how they were doing and hated that I couldn't be there to see them. 


E assumed that he would sit all day in the lodge reading while they took on the snow, but it turns out he couldn't tear himself away of the utter cuteness of our girls bundled up together and on skis learning to maneuver themselves - that and he was worried that they were warm enough. It was 20 degrees out with a significant wind chill. 


I don't blame him. I would have been right there too with a huge grin cheering them on. 


He did good though and took plenty of photos and video.


Seriously, how cute is this of them chilling on the magic carpet together?


 I love it. 


Now they just have to go another time or two and will have it down. 

I can't wait to all go together - even though I'm a little nervous to strap my board on again.

It's been 4 years! 
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