When It's Freezing


We hit 40 degrees today and you would swear it's like summer! 

Everyone is out and about shedding their layers. The snow that has hung around in our single digit temps is slowly melting and the sun is shining brightly. 

I love it. A very welcomed change. 



Funny thing though is that the crazy weather didn't stop our girls from donning their snow stuff and playing for hours while E got the lights hung this weekend. 


The only thing they grew tired of was me:

"Are you warm?"
"How are your toes doing?"
"Is it time to go in yet?"

Eventually they just ignored me.

Untitled Untitled

We've kept the coops away by baking a lot and crafting a little. 

While making Cloved Oranges I told the girls how my grandpa used to keep a few cloves in his shirt pocket and would suck on them while working throughout the day. The smell of cloves will always remind me of him.

Just as I was telling them Roo decided toss one in her mouth. I looked at her and she stared back at me stone-cold.

I asked her if she ate one and she still just stared.

I asked her again, her face grew sour and I started to laugh a little.

All of the sudden she wound up her little fist and slugged me right in the shoulder.

I died laughing then got it together and walked her to the trash to spit it out.

She was silent the whole time. Haha. 


After much discussion on getting a real tree again or going with a fake one I went ahead and dragged out fakie out of the basement. I enjoy it fine, but everyday since I have thought about tearing it down and getting a real one. 


And finally the girls had their dance recital last weekend. Gigi was the cutest thing ever and actually danced this time rather than just standing there like before.

It was a Christmas Miracle! 

She's second from the left. 


I have really loved winter more than ever since living in Colorado. It is so much fun with the kids. I get giddy every time it snows - yes, even in April. We all snuggle up and eat soup, bake cookies, and watch movies then go out and play.

I don't even mind driving in it. 


Saturday night Easy and I went on a date to his work party and froze walking on the icy sidewalks to the venue in Boulder. It reminded me of our dating years in Idaho holding each other's icy hands and being blinded by our own breath while scurrying into warm buildings on campus.

Winter might not be my favorite but it's getting pretty close. 


Meg said...

we're on day 6 cooped! WHY does arkie have no snow plows? We're loving it though. Not going to love going to school until mid june, but since there's nothing we can do to control that, we're just enjoying ourselves and baking our days away.

I love the clove story. You'll be so glad you still blog in 4 years when you look back and read that one and can remember how tiny and funny your littles were.
Happy Winter!

PS got your christmas card. Love it!

Kelli said...

I like this post. :)

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