Party Month!

I don't know what happened to November.

It came and went as quick as smack on the bum.

And now it's December 2nd and I feel kinda like Christmas is going to come and go the same way.

November was quite amazing though - the little of it that I remember.

We had 2 sweet, amazing, fun birthdays!!!


Our Rosebud turned 2 like a little champ.

She has also turned into quite the little parrot.

I feel like everyday she adds more and more onto her sweet little sentences.

Favorite words are:

My turn!
Love you!

She is such a rascal and we all adore her to bits. 



On the 21st our Ava turned 8.

I threw her a Pajama and Pancake Party - inviting over waaaay too many 2nd graders. 


It was nonstop screaming, and giggling, and absolute madness.


Easy flipped pancake and the girls topped them up with toasted pecans, banana slices, chopped strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and pure maple syrup. We had chocolate milk and OJ to drink. 

The girls played Twister and each got to decorate their own pillowcase with fabric markers. 


Finally we had donuts, opened presents and the girls worked on a fort as their parents arrived to collect them. 

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy it was all over. I don't know how some parents can throw parties like that every year. 

I think we are good for a while. 


Meg said...

the donut cake is a stroke of genius.
2 december parties gets outta control every year. This year, one has an elaborate party and the other sis is picking 3 friend to take to the movies. Last year one had a party and the other went to build a bear. I do love parties, but doing at least one off-site celebration that doesn't involve a zillion kids at my house is the only way to survive. PJ party sounds adorable!

Clandestine Road said...

What a beauty.

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