cooped and thanks


we have been penned up for a few days as a snowstorm blew over and left us with below freezing and below zero degree temps.

it's cold like -



so we have been a little cooped up.


which means that i finally got around to getting the Christmas boxes out of the basement - the girls were under the impression that we are the lamest people on the street because we didn't have lights up before we left for Thanksgiving.

i'm just not one of those people though.

no Christmas until December, I say.


our Thanksgiving was pretty grand and untraditional.

we decided a little last-minute to take a trip to Easy's parents in Utah. we met them in Park City where we gathered and played on a closed ski run for a bit.


then we had dinner at a local restaurant - i know, i thought that i would never do that!! but there we were with our family and it was actually really nice. 

Untitled Untitled

we spent the afternoon on Black Friday in Provo Canyon. the girls and i hiked around a bit while Easy and his dad fished. 


and what do you know? his first time fly-fishing that husband of mine nabbed a fish! 


on Saturday we met up with a few of Easy's siblings and enjoyed the nice weather at the park for a while.


look at my GM all the way up there! 

we then drove up to Temple Square to see the the lights. surprisingly we ran into my cousin John and his sweet wife Shelly.

it was so nice to cruise the museums and visitor's centers and enjoy the spirit there - unfortunately i didn't take any pictures.


and while we do still mourn a little that Easy's parents moved out of So Cal it is quite nice to visit them in Utah. their views are pretty amazing out in the country. 

- so that brings us back here. 

the first week in December. 

cooped up in the house during the finger-burning cold. 


after our negative temps last night E's brakes froze on his car, so i spent the afternoon clearing out the garage so we can get both vehicles in.


i'm pretty proud of my work and glad that he won't have to spend his mornings scraping the windows on his car.

finger's crossed that we won't turn into living icicles the next few days. brrrr!

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Clandestine Road said...

That looks so relaxing and fun. Yay for family outing. Your kids are having the coolest childhood.


PS I ordered my eldest the Taking Care of You book you mentioned for your daughter. Great suggestion. The book is very helpful.

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