Colorado Christmas


Christmas 2013 came at lightning speed and with that I didn't have a single thing wrapped until well after the girls were nestled in their beds on Christmas Eve - we finally got it all done just after midnight. 

The next morning the girls woke one by one and quietly dug through their stockings. This was the very first year we have had Christmas with our own little family and I feel like we all really treasured it. 

Roo was the last one up - we finally let the older girls get her at 9am. Then they all piled downstairs to see the goodies that awaited them.


They were so sweet and requested that they open the gifts they had made for each other first. 


Roo had made necklaces for Mae
GM made a pillow for Ava
Ava made a beaded butterfly for Rosie
and Roo received a wand from Rosie 

We slowly made our way through the rest of the morning as cinnamon rolls baked in the oven. 


Then after an intermission of fresh rolls and orange slices we finished up as Uncle Chad came bearing gifts of his own for each girl. 

Every year I do something handmade for each of the girls. 

This year I painted each of them a treasure box.


That afternoon we took the girls to see Frozen at the luxury theater nearby (it has red leather reclining seats).

We returned home and had a fabulous dinner of Ribeye Steak, salad, rice pilaf, and sparkling cider. 

I went to bed that evening feeling so content and blessed. I am so grateful for my sweet little family, my loving husband, our cozy home, and the peace that the Savior's love brings me. 

I look forward to 2014 with a hope of many good things to come. I plan to run, eat well, and work on some classes to finish up my BSN degree - did I just say that out loud? eek. 

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Rach said...

yes yes yes!! What a sweet christmas and you are the bomb. GO SCHOOL!

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