Colorado Christmas


Christmas 2013 came at lightning speed and with that I didn't have a single thing wrapped until well after the girls were nestled in their beds on Christmas Eve - we finally got it all done just after midnight. 

The next morning the girls woke one by one and quietly dug through their stockings. This was the very first year we have had Christmas with our own little family and I feel like we all really treasured it. 

Roo was the last one up - we finally let the older girls get her at 9am. Then they all piled downstairs to see the goodies that awaited them.


They were so sweet and requested that they open the gifts they had made for each other first. 


Roo had made necklaces for Mae
GM made a pillow for Ava
Ava made a beaded butterfly for Rosie
and Roo received a wand from Rosie 

We slowly made our way through the rest of the morning as cinnamon rolls baked in the oven. 


Then after an intermission of fresh rolls and orange slices we finished up as Uncle Chad came bearing gifts of his own for each girl. 

Every year I do something handmade for each of the girls. 

This year I painted each of them a treasure box.


That afternoon we took the girls to see Frozen at the luxury theater nearby (it has red leather reclining seats).

We returned home and had a fabulous dinner of Ribeye Steak, salad, rice pilaf, and sparkling cider. 

I went to bed that evening feeling so content and blessed. I am so grateful for my sweet little family, my loving husband, our cozy home, and the peace that the Savior's love brings me. 

I look forward to 2014 with a hope of many good things to come. I plan to run, eat well, and work on some classes to finish up my BSN degree - did I just say that out loud? eek. 


On the Eve of the Eve


On the 23rd of December we just had my brother Matt's family left here visiting. Jeremy and his family left that morning and we were all itching to get out of the house too. 

When Easy got home from work around noon we packed it up and headed off to the snow. By the time we reached Rocky Mountain National Park it was windy, cold, and we had only a few hours of daylight left. 

Untitled   Untitled

Untitled   Untitled

It didn't stop these little sledders though! They learned pretty quick to take cover and bury their faces when the wind blazed through.


The way the snow broke into chunks under  pressure was perfect for fort building and with the help of 2 dads the kids had a pretty nice shelter to take cover in no time. 


We headed out just as the light fell warming our bellies with pizza in Estes Park then staying up way to late chatting and reminiscing.


We said goodbye to them the next morning (Christmas Eve) as the last of our company headed back home.  :(

A Baptism

We are feeling a little of that post Christmas depression over here. I'm sort-of joking, but do you know that it's actually a real thing?


Christmas for us all started with having a house bustling with guests for Ava's baptism. Both sets of grandparents arrived along with 2 of my brothers and their families. We loved having all of them here supporting her.

Our Ava radiated joy on her special day. We had spent a lot of time in the previous months talking about her choice and the new responsibilities that come with being baptized. She understands what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and she looks forward to developing her relationship with him through keeping her baptismal covenants.


I'm so grateful for her sweet example and desire to choose the right.

I had the hardest time keeping my emotions in check as she descended the stairs into the font - meeting her dad there. I feel so blessed to be the mother of such a beautiful soul and grateful that her dad was able to perform this sacred ordinance. 


As she came out of the font she shivered and blinked the water out of her eyes while I wrapped her up in a soft towel. I asked her if she was cold and she said, "I'm cold on the outside, but warm on the inside." 


When It's Freezing


We hit 40 degrees today and you would swear it's like summer! 

Everyone is out and about shedding their layers. The snow that has hung around in our single digit temps is slowly melting and the sun is shining brightly. 

I love it. A very welcomed change. 



Funny thing though is that the crazy weather didn't stop our girls from donning their snow stuff and playing for hours while E got the lights hung this weekend. 


The only thing they grew tired of was me:

"Are you warm?"
"How are your toes doing?"
"Is it time to go in yet?"

Eventually they just ignored me.

Untitled Untitled

We've kept the coops away by baking a lot and crafting a little. 

While making Cloved Oranges I told the girls how my grandpa used to keep a few cloves in his shirt pocket and would suck on them while working throughout the day. The smell of cloves will always remind me of him.

Just as I was telling them Roo decided toss one in her mouth. I looked at her and she stared back at me stone-cold.

I asked her if she ate one and she still just stared.

I asked her again, her face grew sour and I started to laugh a little.

All of the sudden she wound up her little fist and slugged me right in the shoulder.

I died laughing then got it together and walked her to the trash to spit it out.

She was silent the whole time. Haha. 


After much discussion on getting a real tree again or going with a fake one I went ahead and dragged out fakie out of the basement. I enjoy it fine, but everyday since I have thought about tearing it down and getting a real one. 


And finally the girls had their dance recital last weekend. Gigi was the cutest thing ever and actually danced this time rather than just standing there like before.

It was a Christmas Miracle! 

She's second from the left. 


I have really loved winter more than ever since living in Colorado. It is so much fun with the kids. I get giddy every time it snows - yes, even in April. We all snuggle up and eat soup, bake cookies, and watch movies then go out and play.

I don't even mind driving in it. 


Saturday night Easy and I went on a date to his work party and froze walking on the icy sidewalks to the venue in Boulder. It reminded me of our dating years in Idaho holding each other's icy hands and being blinded by our own breath while scurrying into warm buildings on campus.

Winter might not be my favorite but it's getting pretty close. 


cooped and thanks


we have been penned up for a few days as a snowstorm blew over and left us with below freezing and below zero degree temps.

it's cold like -



so we have been a little cooped up.


which means that i finally got around to getting the Christmas boxes out of the basement - the girls were under the impression that we are the lamest people on the street because we didn't have lights up before we left for Thanksgiving.

i'm just not one of those people though.

no Christmas until December, I say.


our Thanksgiving was pretty grand and untraditional.

we decided a little last-minute to take a trip to Easy's parents in Utah. we met them in Park City where we gathered and played on a closed ski run for a bit.


then we had dinner at a local restaurant - i know, i thought that i would never do that!! but there we were with our family and it was actually really nice. 

Untitled Untitled

we spent the afternoon on Black Friday in Provo Canyon. the girls and i hiked around a bit while Easy and his dad fished. 


and what do you know? his first time fly-fishing that husband of mine nabbed a fish! 


on Saturday we met up with a few of Easy's siblings and enjoyed the nice weather at the park for a while.


look at my GM all the way up there! 

we then drove up to Temple Square to see the the lights. surprisingly we ran into my cousin John and his sweet wife Shelly.

it was so nice to cruise the museums and visitor's centers and enjoy the spirit there - unfortunately i didn't take any pictures.


and while we do still mourn a little that Easy's parents moved out of So Cal it is quite nice to visit them in Utah. their views are pretty amazing out in the country. 

- so that brings us back here. 

the first week in December. 

cooped up in the house during the finger-burning cold. 


after our negative temps last night E's brakes froze on his car, so i spent the afternoon clearing out the garage so we can get both vehicles in.


i'm pretty proud of my work and glad that he won't have to spend his mornings scraping the windows on his car.

finger's crossed that we won't turn into living icicles the next few days. brrrr!


Party Month!

I don't know what happened to November.

It came and went as quick as smack on the bum.

And now it's December 2nd and I feel kinda like Christmas is going to come and go the same way.

November was quite amazing though - the little of it that I remember.

We had 2 sweet, amazing, fun birthdays!!!


Our Rosebud turned 2 like a little champ.

She has also turned into quite the little parrot.

I feel like everyday she adds more and more onto her sweet little sentences.

Favorite words are:

My turn!
Love you!

She is such a rascal and we all adore her to bits. 



On the 21st our Ava turned 8.

I threw her a Pajama and Pancake Party - inviting over waaaay too many 2nd graders. 


It was nonstop screaming, and giggling, and absolute madness.


Easy flipped pancake and the girls topped them up with toasted pecans, banana slices, chopped strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and pure maple syrup. We had chocolate milk and OJ to drink. 

The girls played Twister and each got to decorate their own pillowcase with fabric markers. 


Finally we had donuts, opened presents and the girls worked on a fort as their parents arrived to collect them. 

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy it was all over. I don't know how some parents can throw parties like that every year. 

I think we are good for a while. 

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