Twill be Tweens

First Black Eye
9 . 19 . 2013

In just a few weeks my beautiful, smart, and extremely talented oldest daughter will turn 8. I am so excited for her. 

Over the past few months our relationship has changed a little - in a super good way. It's like we are starting to "get" each other more. She catches mine and Easy's humor and she seems to genuinely care about being helpful, responsible, and a good person. 

We have an up and coming tween on our hands!! 

And then another one right behind her. 


Raising 4 daughters (or any one child for that matter) is serious business. I constantly feel like I have no idea what I'm doing - I actually remind the girls of this from time to time. i.e. when I lose my temper. 

This tween stuff is scary though! I remember feeling soooo uncomfortable talking to anyone about growing up, about my body, my friends, and puberty. I for sure didn't want to talk to any adult. Even my parents. 

A few months ago I picked this book up and just last month she and I started reading it together. It has been such a great way to open the dialogue about puberty and growing up. We talked about how from the time she was little I have mostly been in charge of her hygiene but that will and has been changing.

She asks every night to read the book with me and I love it. We snuggle up together and discuss hair care, nail care, taking care of her face, etc. Easy has even taken a couple of the nights. It will eventually get into breasts and periods - which is honestly, I believe, kinda hard for any parent (me!) to just talk to their kid about. It's soooo easy to just put those talks off for another time or day. The nice thing is that we have have found a safe place to talk and are easing into more serious discussions.

I plan to take the months leading up to each of my daughter's 8th birthdays this way - snuggling up together and talking about important stuff. Things I feel they should learn from a loving parent and not a friend at school.

And believe me, GM is excitedly waiting in the wings for her turn. :)


Kelli said...

That's goo stuff. Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't know what I'm doing...although you had me fooled.

AshDaBell said...

That's awesome, I think that's a great way to start the discussion with Ava about these important things. Sweet little Ava is growing up too fast!

Jord said...

What a great idea to start talking to your sweet girl. We'll be buying that book asap.

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