Ragnar Las Vegas 2013

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Exactly a week ago my bags were packed as I out headed to Las Vegas for my first Ragnar experience with 10 of my new Colorado friends.

My poor girls were beside themselves when they learned I'd be gone for 4 days - the goodbye hugs and kisses seemed never ending!


For months I have been rising before the sun, running, dealing with aches and pains, running, freezing, running, and pushing myself harder physically than I have in years. I still can't believe how my body has transformed into a stronger, faster, and more motivated me. 


We had a great flight over, got our 15 passenger vans, and want to see Ka at the MGM Grand. It was amazing!!!

The next day was spent shopping, decorating our vans, getting our food together, eating fabulous food, and attending the pre-party for registration. 

That night one of our runners got pretty sick and ended up in the ER. The next day (race day) she had to take a flight home. :(


The next morning Van 1 started at the top of the mountains at 6am for the start with their 5 runners. My van met them at around noon for our start. Being the first runner in Van 2 I was pretty anxious, but once Sarah handed off the slap bracelet my nerves calmed down and I just enjoyed endured my run - uphill for 5.5 miles, in the desert heat. 


 I made it though and it felt pretty amazing to hand that bracelet off at the end of my climb.

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After the 5 girls in our van finished our first legs of the race we hit up some dinner as Van 2 took over and relaxed a bit while awaiting our night runs.

I have recently been dealing with tight IT Band pain and about a half mile into my 6.2 mile night run the right one started pulling. Although it was painful and a little slow going this was my favorite leg. It was cool (cold) like I am used to running in CO and through the quiet desert. The stars were soooo bright - Orion was gazing down on me the whole time. About 1.5 miles to the end I got a burst of energy and put on the gas finally passing a girl that had passed me earlier.  Her blinking taillight was in my sights for most of the run. It felt pretty good to kill her right at the end up a hill.

After all the girls in my van finished our night runs we drove to the next major exchange where we would meet Van 1 and sleep for 3 hours or so. I snuggled in on the back row of the van and dozed for a bit - chilly, cramped, knee aching, full bladder. 11.7 miles down. Amazing, right??


Texting Easy


My last run was uphill for half of it then downhill all the way home. My knee ached almost the entire time. On the downhill it wasn't so bad - but it was so flipping hot out!

I did love being "home" for a bit and lost myself in the Nevada desert landscape as I plugged along. 5.2 more miles passing a few hobblers.


It was pretty crazy and I admit that I got a little choked up when I looked to see my cute teammates cheering me on as I rounded those final corners.

I did it.

I worked hard.

I ran 16.9 - let's just say 17 miles!!!!


That's one of the best things about Ragnar is the relationships that are formed. 


I love these girls.

Oh, I also videoed the whole thing! 


Now, where to next year ladies???



Hannah Cooper said...

This is fantastic Hayley - congrats on the 17!

Chelsie Campbell said...

Your videos rock!!! And so do you. Congrats on finishing 17!!

Spring said...

So crazy! I kinda wanna do another one now... Awesome on the 17 my friend!

the crew said...

so great! can't wait to do one:)

Rach said...

just finally watched the video, SO RAD!

Jord said...

What an amazing expereince!!! I'm so proud of you for running 17 miles like a total boss.

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