Halloween Wrap Up

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We had such a terribly terrific Halloween! 


Last Saturday we made our way to the patch to pick our pumpkins. The flooding here last month really took a toll on some of the patches, but we were able to nab a few good ones. The two little gals were so cute holding hands almost the whole time.

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Since weeknights are always chaotic around here and Easy is rarely home before bedtime we carved our squash Sunday morning. 


Mae and Ava held their own while Miss Roo and Rosie viewed the whole thing as absolutely disgusting. Roo was happy to design her pumpkin, but made me clean it out. 


Usually I like to roast our seed the night that we carve, but this year I decided to let them dry out a bit before putting them in the oven. 

I'm so glad that I did! 
They were so much more crispy and satisfying!!

One batch I seasoned with salt/butter and the other I kinda went to town on: S&P, cumin, coriander, chili pwdr, onion pwdr, garlic pwdr, all tossed with melted butter. 

Baked at 300 for 30min stirring every 10min and they were PERFECT!

On the eve of Hallow's Eve I spent the afternoon cutting knives, reaper's, tombstones, bats, a crow, and jack-0-lanterns out of black paper for our windows. Last year my childhood friend, Marsha, posted this exact thing on Instagram and I have been thinking about doing for a couple of weeks. Once the mellow afternoon presented itself I gathered up all the black paper in the house and took the project on. 

If you are lacking the courage to freehand it I'm sure you could google and print the images. 

I stuck the silhouettes up with clear tape them put orange tissue paper behind to give them the satisfying glow from within.


Continuing the festivities we decided to do caramel apples after school on Halloween. I tried early in the day to make my own caramel but my thermometer was off and it became toffee instead.


Luckily I had picked up some caramels at the store. 

I threw them in the microwave with a couple tablespoons of heavy cream (instead of water - cream is always, always better) and it turned out great. When the girls got home from school we made quite the pretty little mess adding sprinkles, chopped nuts, crushed pretzels, toffee bits, and drizzled pb cream on them. 


Oh yes, they are amazing! 

And I really really need to get them out of my house!! Ragnar is in a week and I'm trying to limit my sweets - ahem...it's not going well. 


I was excited to hand out candy this year, but I quickly learned that going with the kids is funner. Next year, I'll make E stay home.

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Pretty sure that I did scare a few children though. 

The girls got back after just over and hour of trick-or-treating, warmed up (it was COLD), changed, and picked 10 of their favorite candies to bag up for themselves. I'll freeze a stash of chocolate for later and we will use the rest for our annual gingerbread house. 

Although I have a strong love for Halloween I also love that it brings Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm excited to have some low-key holidays this year and focus on our children - teaching them and spending time together. 

We have a couple of birthday's this month too - one of which is for a certain oldest sister who is turning 8! 

So so so exciting. 


Meg said...

ha! In your insta pic I thought your wig was your hair...chopped and blond-ed!
Love all of your traditions! We're taking it easy with holidays this year too. Halloween is one of my faves but it lasted 3 weeks this year with all the school festivities and friend parties and church gatherings and community events that we went to. Too much makes it less special. The only holidays that should last 3 weeks are Christmas...and my birthday ;)

miss ya!

TheKeilShpeel said...

I love yoru windows. We don't have .. well I take that back.. I guess we do have two tiny windows upstairs that look out. I loves those. I must copy :).. I do miss having a big window to see outside to the street though. Looks like a fun Halloween. I agree I love taking the kids out trick or treating. Kind of bummed I really didn't get to do it this year either.

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