Spookfest 2013


Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been a favorite around here. 

The girls get so into it! 

And frankly I do too. 

I love the smell of candles burning in pumpkins, seeing kids traipsing around the neighborhood, the squeals and the laughter, and the guaranteed overdose of sugar. 

This year we recycled the witch and kitty costumes. GM got a new vampire dress and we homemade Ava's gypsy outfit - our first "non-spooky" costume to date. 

This year Uncle Chad is coming to trick-or-treat with our girls and Easy. I will get to pass out treats and hopefully scare a lot of little children. 



Jord said...

They look awesome and I love your spook inspired costume requirement. Enjoy sugaring up the neighborhood!

AshDaBell said...

Wow you made that gypsy costume? that's awesome! All your girls look adorable. I wish i could have come to trick or treat with them.

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