Our CO Anniversary


Last week we hit our 1 year mark in Colorado. I have been reminding myself for a year to not get too down, to endure, to make the best of it. It has always taken about a year (on average) for us to fully adjust to a move. 

And just like that, the sun breaks through and we suddenly feel like we are "home." 

It's been a wonderful/hard year of making new friends, experiencing 4 seasons, buying a home, a new job and company for E, me being a stay-at-home-mom again, and the girls thriving in the change. 

Almost daily I look over at the Front Range of the Rockies and I feel blessed to live near such majesty. The air is so clear, and sky is just as vast as it should be in the west. The mountains and the beautiful changing seasons have been a constant reminder of how blessed we are to be here. 

Our home is more and more resembling who we are. My daughters love their school, friends, and our new traditions. We are driving distance to our families again and have loved seeing them more. 

We don't know how long we will be here or what our next steps are, but I am relishing in this time right now where we feel a little more rooted. Our relationships are growing stronger and we tend to invest more into them as we find friends that will stay with us wherever we go - just like our dear friends from AZ and AR.

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