Autumn Days

chalkboard art stolen from my brilliant sis-in-law

All the sudden it's October. 

And I love it. 

Untitled Untitled

I have caught a baking bug and put my fall attire into rotation. Cable knit tights, jeans, boots, and button up shirts are the new norm.

In the mornings it is too cool out to ride bikes so I have been driving the girls to school then picking them up on my bike (with the littles in the trailer) and bringing along their scooters to ride home in the afternoon.


When we walk in the door it's always a bit of chaos with snack, homework, piano practice, and dinner.


It makes me appreciate the calm mornings and early afternoons with just these two at home. They have turned into the best little friends lately. They follow each other around all day giggling and teasing one another. 


Speaking of the littles -- Rosie is almost 2 and acts every bit the age. She is demanding, stubborn, pseudo-independent, and at the same time incredibly sweet and snuggly. After breakfast she mopes around the kitchen until I get her applesauce or chocolate milk. She tugs at the handles of the fridge and hangs like a rag doll with her head back and moaning until I give in. Man I love that little rascal. 


Meg said...

One look at that cloth dipe on Rosie makes me wanna bust mine out for Soren. Because he'll only be a baby for so long, because washing cloth diapers is totally gross yet a satisfying, because they're sickeningly adorable, and because why not?

I think you're the one who made spiderwebs from cheesecloth a few years ago...was that you? Post a tutorial. My house needs more (ok not really, but I want more) spookies.


Thanks for the shout out again! The chalkboard looks great! And I'm so jealous of your cool weather and your cute hair!

AshDaBell said...

Love it! this post is making me like fall a little more (I have been moping in depression that summer is over). I can't believe how big Rosie is!!!! That darling little cutie just keeps growing!

JCLS said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I am sure I have said that a million times before, but they are!

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