First Stop - The Big Apple


I have to keep telling myself that it was real.

We really got the tickets, arranged for Easy's parents to watch the kids, got our passports, packed, hopped a plane and ventured off for that tiny island in the Atlantic.

Our plane was a little late picking us up from Denver which meant missing our flight out of JFK to Bermuda. Instead of going back home and returning to the airport 5 hours later for another flight we took the original red-eye and planned to hang out in NYC for the morning and early afternoon on Sunday.

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After our arrival and with the little sleep we got on the plane we hopped the Subway to the Upper East Side.


We strolled around Central Park for a couple of hours - relaxing, people-watching, walking together, and reminiscing about the last time we were in New York on our first wedding anniversary 9 years ago.


Central Park is a circus on Sundays! Birthday parties, cyclists, runners, baseball games, carriages, hot dog stands, bums, paddle boats, you name it.


We took a little nap, caught an hour of church in the Manhattan 1st Ward, ate some killer burgers at Shake Shack (not as good as The Habit - sorry), then headed back to the airport.


Unfortunately we missed our exchange and ended up short of time in an area we were less than excited about. 


A lady on the train looked at us and sort of shook her head. "We missed our stop, didn't we?" Easy said to her. All she did was smile and nod.

We got off at the next station.

We waited and waited for the train to take us back to the missed stop all the while seeing our departure time for the plane to Bermuda closing in on us.

Walk? Cab? Wait for the train?

We kept asking ourselves.

I wanted to cry.

10 minutes passed.
No train.
I called 3 cab companies and no answer.

The area was so shady and we didn't really want to walk to the other station with our stupid tourist faces on and our loaded backpacks.

No train.
20 minutes passed.

Finally the train came.


The whole way to the airport I wanted to throw up. How could we be this close to missing our flight??? - and this time it was totally our fault.

When got to JFK we were those crazy people that you see running through the airport - kinda like on Home Alone. Running around people, our backpacks bouncing down the terminal on our backs, bounding up the stairs while all the calm punctual people stared at us from the escalators.

By a sheer miracle we jumped ahead of the lines in security and ran to the gate.

There were 3 employees there and no one else.

I panicked as we approached, "Has it left?"

The lady looked at us and smiled, "Nope."

We caught our breath down the walkway and calmly stepped onto the plane. In our seats we rested our heads back and laughed. It had been much too close, but we were on our way.

To Bermuda! For a week!


Alisha said...

oh my gosh. That last part had my heart racing for you!! So happy you made that flight!

AshDaBell said...

Thats crazy! i have been that person before, running through the airport at full speed while everyone around me stares. Its the worst feeling ever! So glad you made it :)

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