Falling for Fall

9 . 25 . 13

I hated seeing summer end this year. We had a really really really amazing summer. It was full of all the things we love - the pool, the mountains, road trips, cousins, friends, fireworks, bbq, sunscreen, food trucks, hiking, exploring. 

The goodness was kind of unsustainable so I'm happy to report that it ended well and will go down as the best summer ever.

What makes it easier is that fall in Colorado is amazing. 

The air is crisp and cool in the evenings and mornings, the sun warm us up for t-shirts in the middle of the day, and then the air cools off again at night for warm soup and a fire. 


It gets me giddy and puts me in the mode to prepare our nest for winter. I painted the kitchen last week. 


It was time to relieve ourselves from some of the boring beige that plagues the house. The new muted blue/green is perfect in my white kitchen. It's called Southern Breeze from Behr. 


With the big girls back in school after a week off from all the flooding things have started to get back to normal around here. The little two and I are enjoying our time together playing, baking, and just being silly. 

A big part of me (just like in the summer) wants these perfect days to never end, but there is the promise of snow around the corner and I must say that I'm pretty excited about that.


And in just a couple short weeks our little Roo girl will be 4. A sweet little birthday is a sure way to celebrate the season. 


Alisha said...

im dying that shes about to be 4. and your kitchen looks amazing as usual.

AshDaBell said...

I can't believe Roo is almost 4 that's crazy. And your kitchen looks beautiful!!!!!!

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