Goodbye Bermuda!

Friday we went to the beach in the morning, but the tide was high and the there was quite the drop-off into the water so we headed elsewhere.


And ended up out at Daniels Head beach.


Easy really wanted to swim out to and uninhabited island and we knew one was there from our jet-skiing adventure a couple of days before - Yep, the one where we saw the stingray, almost killed a turtle, and snorkeled around and climbed onto a shipwreck - The Vixen.


A shipwreck! You can't make this stuff up. It was sickly amazing, and awesome, and hands down one of the coolest things we have ever done. I mean, who does that???

Before our jetski adventure we hung out with these kids for a bit. They liked showing off for us. I liked hearing their cute British Island accents. It was just a bonus seeing their cool tricks.


Anyway, Daniel's Head - we snorkeled around a bit with Fat and Steph then E and I took off for the island. It was a little ways off but totally doable. We were almost there when I saw a strange flower shape right in front of and slightly underneath me. I looked closer and realized there was a halo around it about a foot in diameter. It hit me that it was a jellyfish and I quickly swan around it panicking only a little since in my mind jellyfish = extreme neurological pain.

When we got to the island it was nothing but sharp rocks and brush. We tried to climb up through the vegitaiton (in our flippers) but only got about 30 ft before calling it good and turning around. Just as we got back in the water the blister popped open on my leg. Needles were sent into my skin as the salt water hit it. I swam back as quickly and as gently as possible then we climbed through the stilts holding up the little blue houses to get back to the beach.


After Daniels head we loaded the scooters on a ferry at the Dockyard and took a 20 min ride over to the capital, Hamilton.


We unloaded then walked to the cathedral for a quick tour.


It was beautiful inside and out.


That night good ol Mother Nature gave us a sunset worthy of our final evening.


As the sun continued to dip I couldn't keep from taking picture after picture.


I never wanted to forget it. A grand finale.

Saturday morning we ditched the scooters and cruised around with Rachel until our plane departed.


There was a place along that road that E and I had passed by on the scooter several times and we never stopped. It looked like what I imagine the deep dense jungles in South America would be like.


The trees are called Indian Rubber Trees - I'm pretty certain that they aren't native to the island, but they sure were dramatic - and actually kind of eerie all growing into each other.

We then went to the Horseshoe Beach for one last hurrah.


And the 4 of them entertained me on the beach with their synchronized swimming while I nursed my leg. 


A perfect ending if I must say.

Rivaling that sunset.



Matthew said...

I am so glad it was such an awesome trip.

Meg said...

Oh man these make me want to take a trip!! You take amazing pics and everything you guys did together looks so fun!

Also, Hays, you're a babe!

AshDaBell said...

Thats pretty crazy about your leg and the jelly fish. Glad you are ok! Sounds so awesome, wish we had been there too!


This trip was amazing! Lets take another one! Love these pictures :)

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