Beloved Bermuda!

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Dinner on the Beach

Easy's brother Fat and his wife Steph arrived on Tuesday for their babymoon.

We really were so excited to have our vacations overlap a few days.

Easy and Fat out on the rocks. 
It was kinda hard to tell them apart out there. 

Thursday morning E and I took off to St George early. We cruised around then did a little hiking on a trail that eventually just ended - completely overgrown. 


We were hoping to end at an old fort. Luckily there was another one close by (I swear there is like 50 on that tiny island) for us to explore.

Untitled Untitled

Easy loved checking out the old forts. I was pretty satisfied after the second one.  


Especially after going to Fort Hamilton the day before - which has been maintained and is absoutely beautiful.


It's like a giant fortress turned into a park.


With an amazing jungle for a moat.


And the grounds are any kids' dream for playing hide-and-seek: hidden tunnels, overlooks, dark stairways, and peepholes. 


This is where I'm like, "Okay this is cool, but get me to the beach." 


While we were gassing up the scooter another super friendly Bermudian told us to go to the beach at  Clearwater. 


Before heading there we stopped at St David's Lighthouse to take in the views. Since the island is pretty flat the best way to get a good view is from a lighthouse. 


St David's was very charming. See Easy waaaaay up top?


You can almost always trust the locals. Clearwater was gorgeous, but we had a snorkeling date with our family so we didn't stay long. 


Due to my leg swimming was minimized for me, but I got a killer tan. We snorkeled with Fat and Steph at Tobacco Bay where they all saw a tiny squid family and parrot fish.

The day before we went jet skiing and E and I saw a stingray jump a couple of feet out of the water. He saw it first and was like, "What was that? Hayley, did you see it? Something just jumped out of the water!" "It was probably just a wave" was my reply as I shrugged him off. Sure enough the thing jumped again and it was undeniable that it was a 3-4 ft stingray - long skinny tail and all.


After snorkeling with every other tourist on the island at Tobacco Bay we checked out the Unfinished Cathedral in St George. 


Of course my husband had to trespass and go inside. 

It was pretty fun bumming around with Fat and Steph - they are super chill and the cutest pair.   Baby Gardiner is set to arrive in January. And guess what they are having a BOY! Wahoo!



AshDaBell said...

Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! I wish Andrew and I could have come too. I have been there multiple times and i don't think even I have been to all the places you guys have been there!


Love these Bermuda posts! And thanks for the shout out :) We had a great time with you guys! We need to do it again!

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