Beautiful Bermuda!

part 1 of 3


We arrived after dark on Sunday night around 9:30 pm. Easy's sister and husband, who live on the island, greeted us with smiles and hugs.

We hopped in Rachel's tiny car and took off with the windows down enjoying the thick salty air and smell of the ocean breeze all around. As we wound through the tight curvy streets I panicked more than once with her driving on the left hand side of the road  -  terrified we were going to be in a head-on collision.

We quickly pulled up to the house and unloaded the car to the soundtrack of ocean waves hitting the rocks and tree frogs chirping away.

As we got settled Rachel and Nic gave us some pointers, we made plans for the next day, and tried to sleep - feeling giddy about the sights and adventures we would wake up to.


The first thing we did was pick up our scooter for the week.

Growing up with motorcycles it was a little hard for me to let Easy take the handlebars and ride passenger all week, but I was glad to not have to worry about the stress of driving in the lefthand lane. It was strictly my job to repeat "Left! Left! Left!" to him any time we made a turn.

Everyday we packed our lunch, snorkel gear, map, water, camera, sunscreen, and towels in our little basket and buzzed off to another part of the island.

Untitled Untitled

Horseshoe Beach was our first stop - famous for it's sand that has the most beautiful soft pink hue from the coral breaking off the reef and making it's way to land.

What was more amazing though, was the water. It was around 80 degrees, crystal clear, and the most beautiful color. 


It was the first of three times we would return to that beach. 


Honestly one of my favorite things was to just cruise around on the scooter.


I adored all the bright pastel colored houses with their white roofs and greeting the kind locals with their customary "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon," or "Good Evening".

North Shore Road on the way to St George

We would stop and random places off the road and just stare. It's suuuuuper cheesy but it almost felt like I couldn't take in how beautiful it was. It was ridiculous.


Some of the most beautiful views were at the top of Gibbs' Hill Lighthouse. I think I remember Rachel telling us that Bermuda is actually comprised of 150+ islands. It was cool to see a lot of them from the lighthouse since we arrived after dark the night before.

Gibbs' Hill Lighthouse View of Bermuda

When we went to Hawaii I remember snorkeling and enjoying it, but in Bermuda it was a whole other experience. 

There is really no bad place to snorkel and since my scuba experience a few months ago I felt totally confident with it. 

I don't think there was a day that we didn't strap on our masks, snorkels, fins, and float around exploring for a few hours at a time marveling at the beautiful rainbow fish, coral, and sea life. 

Snorkeling at Church Bay

I was hoping that almost missing our flight would be the biggest hangup on the trip. We had stopped at a convenience store to get some drinks (Ginger Beer!!) The scooters all park pretty close and before hopping back on I had stepped aside to allow Easy to get the scooter off the kickstand. In doing so I managed to back right into the muffler of one that had just pulled in next to us. 

My freaking leg was on fire!  It was blazing hot! 

We poured water on it and it was still frying. 
I wanted to cry. 
And punch something.

A nice Bermudian man approached us (they are all super nice) and helped me get some ice from the store for it while the shop owner brought out some lidocaine spray. None of it helped. I said a lot of really bad words and we buzzed off down the road.


I spent the rest of the week babying it, trying to waterproof it, and gritting my teeth a lot while swimming. I now have a nice fat and pretty permanent souvenir on my calf from our trip - the scar is  about the size of a tennis ball. 


Wednesday morning we took the kayak out for a spin to Admiralty Park. We found some caves and did a little cliff jumping.


By we I mean Easy jumped while watched from the kayak.


He finally convinced me that I needed to. We are in Bermuda!!! He had said. I merely and very nervously slid off the tiniest ledge. It might have been 4 feet.


The day before we found what ended up being my favorite beach by the recommendation of Nic. The best part?  We had it all to ourselves. 

You an see in this pic the beautiful cedar that is natural to the island and 
once covered it in a giant forest. 

We climbed down sharp rocks to get to the beach then had ourselves some PB&J before playing in the sand, swimming and snorkeling. 


We made messages for our girls and built a huge mermaid in their honor. We talked about them a lot. And we missed them terribly. I hated leaving them so soon after the older ones had just returned to school - no time to even adjust and Mom and Dad were all "See Ya!" 


Every night we called them on Facetime and got emotional over seeing their sweet faces. 


They were taken care of so well by Easy's parents who obviously adore them to bits. We wouldn't have had it another way and are sooooo grateful to them.

IMG_1779 Untitled

Most nights we ate on Rachel and Nic's back patio overlooking the Atlantic. The sun would set and color the sky as we dined, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company.


We packed everyday with adventure. It was actually kind of hard for us to just sit and relax since we are so used to always being on the go. 

We couldn't get over the fact that Rachel has lived here for 7 years and this was our first time visiting. We are grateful for her and Nic's hospitality and generosity of allowing us to come and crash their place for a full week. It's been a great 10 years for us, but we still really needed this trip. 


Clandestine Road said...

That looks heavenly. I'd love to go there. That sand and the cedars were incredible.

Hooray for reconnecting!

Tai said...

FWIW- I did the exact same thing to my leg, on a motorcycle muffler, in HS. It probably took most of the summer to heal and the scar to go away, but 15+ years later, no scar. You can't even tell there ever was a baseball sized blister there.

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