Are you a math person? I'm not. I have 2 brothers that are though. Both of them are whizzes with numbers.

And thanks to them, my daughters now know about perfect numbers. And lucky for Miss Mae she gets to be a perfect number now for a whole year.

She is 6! 


Her birthday was low key - going to the zoo in the evening as a family and swimming at the neighborhood pool with friends that morning.

Untitled Untitled

She has turned into quite the fish this summer so it was fitting to celebrate in the water with a little ocean themed gathering.


She is a wonderful girl full of spunk. Everyday is an adventure with her around. She is bold and caring - generous and sincere. 


She has the most contagious giggle and is accepting of anyone who crosses her path. We all adore her!!!

Happy Birthday My Dear Girl! 

This 6th year is going to be just perfect! 


Matthew said...

Well done mathlete! 31 is a "happy number" so be sure to smile. A happy year to you.

AshDaBell said...

Yay Greta!!!! She is so fun to play with and be around.

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