UT. It's Where It's At.

part 1. 

We pulled into Easy's parents new house a few hours after midnight with 4 very sleepy/groggy girls on our hands. 
The trip through WY is rather dull to put it nicely - even in the daylight.

Untitled  Untitled

The next morning I ditched my cute family for the weekend to be with my best girlfriends from high school. We got lunch then went up to Brighton for a small hike.

I have to tell you that I love these girls with all my heart. We pick it all up right where we have left off. Any walls that we have put up in our lives come down and we just be. There is no judgement, no lame getting-to-know-you talks, and no feeling like you have to act or be a certain way. We ask about our families because we care about each other's families. We discuss our struggles, our fears, and our successes. It's basically like one big fat therapy session.

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Needless to say we stayed up waaaaay to late chatting - but we made it in great time for our trail race in Ogden the next morning. I have been training for Ragnar so I was pretty pumped to try and make good time. I didn't realize how much a trail (with obstacles) would slow me down but I ended up placing 30th overall out of 350 ladies and 15th in my age group. There were 4 river crossings, 3.5' tree trunks to jump over, busted fences to hop, 1 million stairs, and sand and Aspens to dodge around. 

Best part? Winning 1st prize for best costumes. Badass I tell ya.

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That night we got pedicures, took UTA Trax downtown, went to dinner, hit up the bareMinerals booth,  and did some shopping.


The next morning we slept in before meeting back up with our babies.


I was growing tired of seeing all the fun they were having without me.

Monday morning Easy's parents were kind enough to watch our girls while we crossed hiking Mt Timpanogos off our bucket list - I love them.


We got started at 4am, picked up my brother and his wife, and then hit the trail from Sundance. There is another trail that starts from AF canyon that is a couple miles shorter. We started in the dark with one flashlight for the 4 of us. Seeing the sunrise on the horizon was nothing short of magical.


The trail is so beautiful and varied. It went from dense forest, to tropical waterfalls, to open valleys with a glacier fed lake, rocky boulders, and finally to the steep cliffs on the tippy top.







We took it pretty slow and made it to the top in about 5 hours. I loved spending that time with Easy, my brother (this was his first hike, like ever) and Lindy who this was her 4th time up.  We had a quick lunch because it was freezing! Then headed back down. 


It was so fun checking out all the beautiful waterfalls we missed in the dark.


I needed them to ice my granny-knees. 


It was pretty awesome to look up at that big ol mountain from the valley for the next few days and know that we stood there. 


You still there. Sleeping? I'll pick it up again tomorrow with the rest. 

As of right now the two cutest girls are about to be home from their first day of school. I need to get a nice snack prepped for them and be ready to hear all about it. :)

First and Second Grade


the crew said...

Matt has started working out and our baby will be older- we'll be ready next year to tackle Timp with you if you care to do it again!! Those beautiful girls look so ready to rule the school:)

Rach said...

No way. 1st and 2nd, thats just madness.

That looked like a great trip, and you are the bomb.

Courtney said...

What an awesome trip! Jealous of your hike, girl time, and your kids are the CUTEST! Love ya!

AshDaBell said...

Great pictures! I love that you have stayed close to your friends from high school, that looks like it was a fun girls weekend. Andrew and I want to come with you to hike Timp next time and we'll have to bring Kent along too, next summer. Those girls look sooo cute for their first day!!!

Christen Noelle said...

I love this post! Sounds like the best vacation ever next to your "tiny island" adventure. You are one amazing, gorgeous woman with such an optimistic view on all things in life...I miss you! XOXO

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