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It's been a while since I've done a Faves and Craves! 

I have to be honest. We are doing all we can to get excited about school starting in a week. The girls don't want to go. I don't want them to go. I love our carefree days at home without all the mindless running around. We go at our own pace and enjoy our calm mornings and evenings. 

1. Last year I bought these Goodbyn lunch boxes and I absolutely loved packing them full of goodies for Ava. Way less waste!!

2. We are in uniforms again this year. I love it. They know exactly what to wear in the morning and it really cuts down on the laundry. Most of our uniforms are from Old Navy, Land's End, and Target. I have even found a few cute things at Walmart. 

3. We have decided to invest in good sturdy backpacks for the kids after buying cheap ones and only having them last half the year. We bought Mae a new one from REI and with their satisfaction guarantee we can be sure that if something wears out or breaks they will replace it. Yay! 

4. Our favorite shoes for school are Converse and Toms. Both are comfy for everyday wear but also work for running, swinging, and sliding on the playground. I'm hoping the ones I bought for Ava last Christmas finally fit her. Whoops. 

5. About a month ago Costco was selling these water bottles in a 3 pack. I skipped over them and a week later they were all gone. I was so bummed!! Not to worry though I found them on Amazon and they will be here Saturday! Our water bottles have taken a beating this summer!!!

6. Since uniforms can be a bit of a bore we like to spice them up a bit with fun leggings (on sale for $5!) and...

7. Hair accessories - which I'm hoping to whip a few new ones up in the next week. If you aren't too crafty Etsy has great finds! 

Yesterday we did our supply shopping which helped us get a little more used to the idea of school starting. 

Monday we will see what classes they are in and Tuesday evening we will meet the teachers. 

Hopefully by the time Thursday rolls around we will be a little more warmed up to the idea - but I'm not counting on it. 

What are your favorite school items for your kids? 
I love a good suggestion! 


Clandestine Road said...

Great list! You did forget tissues. :) (or am I the only one who cries every year?) We have twenty-seven sweaty, glorious days of summer left in Washington. I dread the kids going back. My girls don't want to go, either. I think we'll just skip this year. :)

We like the Kids Konserve that we found on Zulily.com. (http://www.zulily.com/e/kids-konserve-51682.html?pos=3&section=home&sPos=3) We like the stainless steel containers. I like to leave them notes in their lunches with little doodles or lame jokes on them. I make my own, but these are cute:

Here's to the last days of summer awesomeness, Angela

Briawna said...

I bought palmer and portia goodbyns when palmer was in kindergarten and they're still going strong with palmer going into 3rd grade. love those things! and i reeeaaalllly wish we had uniforms. there's a rumor when our district reorganizes in 2-3 years, they're going to full day kindergarten and elementary school uniforms. i can dream, right?

Aubrey said...

You'll love those water bottles - genius with the pieces that come apart but stay attached so they don't get lost.

Andy said...

I need to catch some of this enthusiasm.

Rachelle said...

I'm all about good backpacks as well. I bought one from pottery barn last year for around the same price and it lasted all year. I bought another one this year for her. And I bought a goodbyn last year for Daphne. I loved it and so did she at first. Then the kids thought the stickers were silly and her feelings got hurt. :( so this year I just bought her a matching lunchbox to her backpack. I totally still pack snacks in the goodbyn when running errands though. They are awesome!! Good luck this week with school. We don't start until the 9th of Sept!!

A & E said...

Hi Hayley-
My name is Amber and I am a friend of Ali Henrie's here in Minnesota. I found your blog through hers, and love it. I have four little ladies too, and we love life here in Minne. Just wanted to tell you thank you for a refreshing, funky and inspiring blog. Keep it up.

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