Rocky Mountain Camping (part two)


the first night is always rough. 

with temps dropping into the low 40s i found myself rolling over and peeking on my sleeping babes at least 3 times. most of them were sound and snuggled into their sleeping bags, but each time little Rosie was out of her covers and a bit chilly. of course every time i woke up Easy woke up too. 


other than wiggling out of her covers Little Miss turned out to be quite the good little camper. i am very glad that we waited to go until she was walking. camping with a crawler is no bueno.  we had a quick breakfast of cereal, juice, and fruit and then headed out to explore more. 


we wound through the mountains along Independence Pass admiring the broken down cabins of ghost towns where miners had once hoped to strike it rich.


the views were really spectacular crossing over the Continetal Divide with views of Mt Elbert - CO's highest peak.


we drove into Aspen and admired the architecture of the homes there. aspen is legit. it is beautiful. we got out of the car and witnessed probably the most affluent farmer's market around. we quickly grew tired of the crowds and the poshness. at about the exact same time Easy and I looked at each other and basically said, "let's get back into the mountains."

and so we did. 


we randomly stopped at what looked like a popular day use area called The Grottos to use the restrooms and hike around a little. we found a great waterfall and the best part...

Untitled  Untitled

ice caves that we took turns climbing down into with the bigger girls. we marveled at the carved stone and ice teetering on rocks above the freezing water below. it was a treat to happen upon such a little wonder.

we headed home the next morning through thunderstorms and the typical mountain/weekend traffic in CO. there is always a huge exodus from the mountains mid-Sunday.


all in all our little girls are troopers. we had a few setbacks (disagreements/potty-accidents/dog-problems/no campfires/whining), but it turned out to be a much needed weekend for our brood and i really can't wait to go again.

there is just so much to explore in CO and i love that my man and babies are always up for an adventure!

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