Rocky Mountain Camping (part one)


Two weeks ago we loaded up our brood for a camping trip into the mountains near Twin Lakes, CO. We found the best little campsite within walking distance to the rushing creek and nestled up in a quiet canyon. 


We set up camp then drove down to the lakes and hiked to the channel where the two bodies of water meet. The girls could have hung out there all day collecting driftwood, sorting through rocks, and drawing in the sand.  


But Easy and I had our sights set on Inter-Laken Resort. He got out the binoculars and pointed the girls' eyes across the lake where 100+ year old buildings stood. The old resort is now only accessible by a 4 mile roundtrip hike or by boat. 


The girls were somewhat agreeable so we took off for the trailhead. 


I must say that they did pretty good - especially little Roo who was the designated leader. Her little 3 year old legs carried her the 2 miles there with given complaint, but she didn't give up. 


We relaxed on the porch of the restored Dexter House as a few short storms passed overhead. It was especially fun to go inside and explore the house - admiring the craftsmanship and intricate details while climbing up to the tippy top 5x5' room for a beautiful view of the lake.

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We then ventured out to see the rest of the resort but quickly had to come up with a plan since it was getting late and the rain was really starting to roll in.


Lucky for us an older couple had pulled up in a boat about 20 minutes earlier and took pity on our poor jacketless family chilled in the rain.  They agreed to take us back to the trailhead.


We were so grateful for their kindness and made it back to the car just as the sun was setting and in time for hotdogs back at camp. 



Clandestine Road said...

Oh my goodness. I love this! Your kids are having the coolest childhood.

Were you anxious to camp with a baby/toddler? We want to camp so badly, but our baby is ten months and I worry about the difficulty. Any tips?


Looks beautiful!

AshDaBell said...

Looks so fun!!

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