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I'm here!

Whew! This summer has been a whirlwind for us.

I hate hate hate how fast it's flying by and I hate to think that in just a month my 2 big girls will both be in school again full time.

Here's a bit of what has been going on. Enjoy :)


>> My girls have turned into little mermaids this summer. All except Rosie. She would rather walk the 2' perimeter of the pool refusing to both hold my hand or wear a floaty. Needless to say this whole walking thing has turned her into quite the independent little rascal. 



>> We had a fabulous 4th of July here in town. It included a pancake breakfast and bike parade.

The night before we roasted marshmallows and watched fireworks with friends. It was pretty surprising not to have any sparkler casualties with 11 kids under the age of 8 all swinging them around their heads. 

Untitled Untitled

>> The big girls and I went on a little date night to the premiere on the American Girl Saige movie. Ava has been in an American Girl book club this summer so they were both pretty excited about having their own night out to celebrate with mom. My friend Andy more throughly documented and posted here


>>My garden is out of control and I absolutely love it. Every morning I go out and spend a few minutes checking on things. The tomatoes are blossoming like crazy, I'm picking peppers daily, the cucumbers are blooming, the zucchini is getting fat, and the herbs are perfect for our simple summer dinners. My garden is my joy this summer. I can't wait to add more next year. :)


>> Easy's office provides the employees with zoo passes on a first come first serve basis. We have spent a few cooler days at the zoo loving on all the animals and shows. I can't wait to take them to a few museums downtown to - like the Natural History Museum. Hopefully we won't run out of time this summer. 


>> Last week I chopped about 8 inches off my hair. I decided last fall to stop coloring it and just see what it's like to have my natural color. I was growing tired of my damaged locks and also the upkeep. It's been about 5 years since I've had hair this short and I'm loving it!!


>> Over the weekend we had 3 little boys come stay with us as our friends (their parents) took a little trip to the Steamboat Springs. It was fun having some boys around!! The girls looooved it,  but I think it became very clear to Easy and I that we are not cut out for that many children. :)


>> Finally, we had our first camping adventure in the Rockies 2 weeks ago. It was awesome and deserves it's own post so...

until then.


AshDaBell said...

Looks like its been a fun summer! Dying to see you guys in a couple weeks!


In love with that new hair Hayley! Love all the pictures! Makes me want to come visit :)

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