our South Dakota adventure


In the Black Hills of South Dakota there is nothing short of wonderful places to see and things to do. I know - kinda weird, right?


 I would have never placed us there to explore, but it really was amazing from the wide valleys with roaming buffalo to the tall spires of The Needles, and into the depths of Jewel Cave.

The first night there we stayed in Rapid City and went to the Watiki water park connected to our hotel for half the day. It was the perfect size for the girls and they had a blast. 


With little Rosie not walking at the time we opted out of tent camping for the next 2 nights and instead rented this sweet thing at a Ma and Pa campground. It was perfect for us. 

Bear Country was a hit. It was a bit rainy out and so it was a perfect activity for us. All of the animals were great, but we were floored when we got to the bears. They. Were. Everywhere. Climbing on trees, splashing in the water, all over there road, chasing each other, and the best - scratching:

We hiked around Sylvan Lake, which was perfect for the two older girls.


Roo was a little dramatic and whined almost the entire time, but we solved that with the promise of ice cream cones near the end.


Untitled    Untitled


Jewel Cave is the 3rd largest cave in the world behind one in Mexico and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. It was pretty cool but as far as caves go Kartchner Caverns in AZ was waaaaaaay better. 

IMG_5928    IMG_5917

Custer State Park was gorgeous and we spent our last morning in SD driving it.


There were hundreds of buffalo roaming sometimes within arms reach to the car. It was quite unnerving at times as I imagined one getting startled and charging my precious family.


The major reason for going to SD was to see Rushmore and it didn't disappoint. I don't know that I would have traveled more than 6 hours to see it, but living as close as we are it was a definite must. :)




GM apparently wasn't impressed.


Oh, and it happened to be my 31st birthday too. 
We celebrated with a Smores Cake, a stick for a candle on top, and lots of messy faces. 

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AshDaBell said...

Beautiful!!!! Makes me want to go there. Looks like a really fun trip.

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