Catch Up

Oh man.

grava brushing out the pup
- a summer chore -

Having all four of my littles home with me and juggling chores/fun/naps/food/laundry/etc has taken some uh...adjusting, but I think that we are ready to really dive into summer.

Just a few things to catch up.

Roo sporting her coon hat from SD

>> We went to South Dakota for my birthday!! Yep. Weird? We heard about The Black Hills and wanted to see Rushmore. Since we are pretty close - off we went. Pics coming (remember how I'm adjusting).

>> The pool. We finally live somewhere with a community pool. Let's just say if you can't find us we are probably soaking up the sun by the pool.


>> If we are not at the pool we are at the park. Summer in Colorado is like a dream come true after our 6 years in AZ and 2 in AR.


>> Cortes and I are ready for 4 miles!! He hasn't been running with me the last few days after I let him drink from the creek. Let's just say things haven't been pretty for him since last Friday - poor guy. I feel great though and after 2 months of forcing myself up and out the door to run I have found myself enjoying it - Sooooo crazy! And my butt has never looked so good.

>> I got my legs for Ragnar. I am runner 7 - it's terrifying and exciting. I am running a 5k next month in UT with 2 of my best friends then planning for a 10k in August here with Easy. I might just end up being a runner after all guys!


Spring said...

Good luck on the Ragnar! Those legs look like a challenge, but I'm sure you will rock it!

Courtney said...

YAY!!! Exciting! I knew you would love it if you just kept at it! :)

Sarah Peterson said...

Running really shapes the booty! It's gotta be one of the best parts! I hate running, but found it can be enjoyable if you really stick with it and don't let yourself take a break even for a week. The part where you have to build muscle and get your body in good enough shape to do it is absolutely horrible though! Good job pushing through!

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