blog vs pool


So it's pretty obvious that I have been struggling to blog again. Mostly because in the blogging-inside-at-my-computer vs soaking-up-the-sun-by-the-pool world the pool wins every time.


And we are doing some serious soaking.


See ya next month...



our South Dakota adventure


In the Black Hills of South Dakota there is nothing short of wonderful places to see and things to do. I know - kinda weird, right?


 I would have never placed us there to explore, but it really was amazing from the wide valleys with roaming buffalo to the tall spires of The Needles, and into the depths of Jewel Cave.

The first night there we stayed in Rapid City and went to the Watiki water park connected to our hotel for half the day. It was the perfect size for the girls and they had a blast. 


With little Rosie not walking at the time we opted out of tent camping for the next 2 nights and instead rented this sweet thing at a Ma and Pa campground. It was perfect for us. 

Bear Country was a hit. It was a bit rainy out and so it was a perfect activity for us. All of the animals were great, but we were floored when we got to the bears. They. Were. Everywhere. Climbing on trees, splashing in the water, all over there road, chasing each other, and the best - scratching:

We hiked around Sylvan Lake, which was perfect for the two older girls.


Roo was a little dramatic and whined almost the entire time, but we solved that with the promise of ice cream cones near the end.


Untitled    Untitled


Jewel Cave is the 3rd largest cave in the world behind one in Mexico and Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. It was pretty cool but as far as caves go Kartchner Caverns in AZ was waaaaaaay better. 

IMG_5928    IMG_5917

Custer State Park was gorgeous and we spent our last morning in SD driving it.


There were hundreds of buffalo roaming sometimes within arms reach to the car. It was quite unnerving at times as I imagined one getting startled and charging my precious family.


The major reason for going to SD was to see Rushmore and it didn't disappoint. I don't know that I would have traveled more than 6 hours to see it, but living as close as we are it was a definite must. :)




GM apparently wasn't impressed.


Oh, and it happened to be my 31st birthday too. 
We celebrated with a Smores Cake, a stick for a candle on top, and lots of messy faces. 



It's a full on miracle. 

After our physical therapy evaluation a few weeks ago the therapist looked at me and said, "I wish I had more of a diagnosis for you, but it seems like she is just unmotivated."

The therapist did give us a few things to work on though. We started off playing with Rosie while she was standing - having her play with stacking toys in the middle of the room while on her feet with nothing to lean on. I sat cross legged and held her toy up high for her to play. She also colored this way on firm notebooks while I sat across from her holding it up. We also started having her hold one finger while we walked together instead of two, and lastly we walked with her holding one end of an object like a jumprope handle or a toy while I held the other end. 

She started taking tiny little steps (with a lot of persuasion) about a week ago - but still needed more motivation to get her to want to walk. I'm telling you, this girl is a speedy crawler! 

About 5 days ago Ava bribed her with marshmallows and chocolate chips to get her little feet moving and IT WORKED! That was enough motivation.

 I think I need to make her a T-shirt.



Catch Up

Oh man.

grava brushing out the pup
- a summer chore -

Having all four of my littles home with me and juggling chores/fun/naps/food/laundry/etc has taken some uh...adjusting, but I think that we are ready to really dive into summer.

Just a few things to catch up.

Roo sporting her coon hat from SD

>> We went to South Dakota for my birthday!! Yep. Weird? We heard about The Black Hills and wanted to see Rushmore. Since we are pretty close - off we went. Pics coming (remember how I'm adjusting).

>> The pool. We finally live somewhere with a community pool. Let's just say if you can't find us we are probably soaking up the sun by the pool.


>> If we are not at the pool we are at the park. Summer in Colorado is like a dream come true after our 6 years in AZ and 2 in AR.


>> Cortes and I are ready for 4 miles!! He hasn't been running with me the last few days after I let him drink from the creek. Let's just say things haven't been pretty for him since last Friday - poor guy. I feel great though and after 2 months of forcing myself up and out the door to run I have found myself enjoying it - Sooooo crazy! And my butt has never looked so good.

>> I got my legs for Ragnar. I am runner 7 - it's terrifying and exciting. I am running a 5k next month in UT with 2 of my best friends then planning for a 10k in August here with Easy. I might just end up being a runner after all guys!


Mt Evans

Mt Evans in May 2013

We visited Mt Evans a couple of weeks ago. 

It was the first day of the season that the road was open. 


I loved seeing the Bristlecone Pine standing tall after hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years of torture from the wind and extreme winter temperatures.

My parents were here for our visit and it was so nice to take a break with them from the projects at home. 

Like pouring concrete steps:


The views were quite extraordinary above the tree line where the air was thin and the wind bitter cold. 


Lucky for us it was a pretty clear day so we could see far far off into the horizon. A few did get a little altitude sickness at 14,100+ feet. I looked down at little Roo once and she seemed quite dazed and a little off balance. Her little lips were a tad blue and she said she felt tired. Her daddy scooped her up and she laid her head down until we got back into the car. My mom also got a little short of breath just as we decided it was time to head down. 


And Easy is able to claim that he long-boarded on the highest paved road in America. 


We plan on having quite a few local adventures this summer and I feel like Mt Evans was just the thing to get us started. 


On our way back down the mountain we stopped at Echo Lake and enjoyed a PB&J picnic lunch, collected pussy-willows, and threw rocks in the water. Mae and Ava played Tic-Tac-Toe in the dirt, Roo searched for bugs with Grandpa, and Rosie worked on walking.

I've always been a big believer in loving where you live and exploring your own turf - remember we lived in Arkansas?? There is so much to see, do, and appreciate wherever you are - it doesn't take a grand expedition, a lot of times the most beautiful places are free...and in your own backyard.

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