Celebrating 10

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I arrived at 3:30 pm into the Burbank airport.

It was 95 degrees out and the air smelled as wonderful as it always does in Southern California.

Easy pulled up and greeted me with the best anniversary kiss and a nice cold (sugar-free) beverage.

Once we got settled in the car and headed to Santa Clarita we attempted to solidify our plans for the evening. Our 10th wedding anniversary.

Our options were Santa Monica Promenade for dinner then cruising along the pier, a quiet dinner in Valencia at a fancy restaurant then just relaxing at home, or a quick dinner then a hike to one of the best waterfalls in So Cal.

After Grandpa got home to watch Rosie and struggling to make a decision we finally took off to the mountains to find an unmarked trail off an unmarked road to find a giant yes...unmarked waterfall.

Tar Creek Falls.

And to make things even more interesting we were fighting daylight which meant - no dinner for Hayley - just a quick stop at the store for head lanterns, nuts, jerky, and water.

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We managed to find the trail with some pretty specific written directions found online and we took off down the mountain - running much of the way to make up for the sun setting.

 photo 53015174-C181-4F40-862B-08119520F01C-679-0000005D9842283B_zpsb60b9a93.jpg

We had to keep reminding ourselves to stop and look at the landscape. It really was stunning even with the fires being so close by.

 photo 31D364E4-EF44-4EC4-8624-86B68E1EC64E-679-0000005D964BCA0C_zpsa5016271.jpg

By the time we got to the riverbed it was dusk and when we reached the pools the sun had long gone down. The water levels were also pretty low with such a dry winter/spring. We wanted to go further, but with it being another 20 minutes down to the 70ft fall we just didn't feel good about pressing on in the dark bouldering over huge rocks all the way there. The pools were beautiful though and at another time we would have loved to have swam in them.

 photo 92892B29-FCC3-4D7B-8864-1C6D9A82020F-679-000000621FF15872_zpsa6c55269.jpg    photo 3B77508D-FB36-4497-B98D-6119E3D12D17-679-00000060AF0935A1_zps0de98bd8.jpg

We headed back 2.5 miles in the dark with our flashlights, almost missing the trailhead out of the canyon, and talking the whole way about our 10 years of marriage: our triumphs, our trials, and our goals for the next ten years.

Maybe at our 20 year we will make it to that waterfall. I'd like to think so.

 photo 0264E5C2-4139-4253-8D3E-3CA703C45979-604-00000058D3E1C68C_zps91e4ead8.jpg

We have found that our lives are complete with each other. We love being together. We adore our children. We have built something beautiful, something eternal, and we are having a lot of fun in the meantime.

Once we got back into town at 10pm we were dirty, a little sore and I was starving! Easy treated me the best way he could - with a big fat juicy burger from In-N-Out.

It was perfect.


AshDaBell said...

How fun! I can't believe I grew up there and have never been to this secret tar creek falls, I need to go there!

Rachelle said...

Happy 10 friend!! Love that you had a little getaway. Ours was pretty simple but i kept telling myself having Kelly is the best thing and I don't need anything extravegant. Well, maybe for our 20 year I do. :)

Amber Goodman said...

Aw, congrats on the 10 year anniversary! You two have built such a beautiful life together. (I think In-N-Out is the perfect way to end any day!)

Jord said...

Congrats on the 10 year again!

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