Busy Busy Busy

Sooo busy this time of year. I feel like I'm attached to my calendar. I hate that. School parties, graduations, field trips, summer planning, etc.

I feel like I need to do a little blog dump.


 photo 4F05DBB5-F03E-4596-9802-AAF146E805D5-604-00000058CE4AF69F_zps199228ae.jpg   photo DF2EC95C-3937-4489-81BC-1230A214D441-454-00000040D699AC0D_zps50f83d9e.jpg

On day 20 of my 21 Day Sugar Cleanse we hit up the original Sprinkles after our friend's wedding in LA. 

We picked out 6 cupcakes to eat/share/take home to the girls. I had a small bite of a peanut butter one and I thought a bomb went off in my mouth. Soooo much sugar, so much flavor, it was incredible. Then just a few minutes later I felt like I needed to go into hibernation. I felt drained and a headache ensued. Dang. It was worth it though. Totally. 

Since then I have had tiny bits of dark chocolate (80% or so cocoa) and FRUIT!! I used to not care at all for grapefruit and now it's like a total gift from God. I have also added some hearty carbs to my diet like Muesli, whole grain bread (no sugar or other crap in it), and agave. Other than that I'm still pretty sugar free and loving it. I feel great.

I have a few recipes I'm excited to share soon. :)

Thinking about doing it?? I say go for it. Hands down an amazing experience that will change how you approach food, it'll change your energy, and your habits. I'm a believer.


 photo 88D13D07-D995-400A-A328-5F9C52172B64-454-00000040D40ADF2D_zps19a8c9db.jpg

Since my running post I have found my groove and have been steadily increasing my distance. I am starting to want to run - amazing, right?!? Easy and I have been getting up at 6am every morning and taking turns hitting the road. It's so nice to have the extra encouragement. 

My playlist (thank you for your suggestions!)  is also pretty good at getting me going:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-08at12204PM_zpsa517d9bd.png


I am finally able to garden again. 

 photo 2CF13078-505D-4682-A5A9-6E5018EBF3B9-454-00000040DA69C7DC_zps5a395369.jpg

For real!

No more tomatoes in pots or herbs snuck into the landscaping. I can't even tell you how excited I am about it!!  I have been composting since we moved in and a few weeks ago I was finally able to get our raised beds put together. On Monday Easy's work gave out free compost so I loaded up the van with it and started to get our soil ready. Too bad that we had such a lingering winter and I couldn't get it going sooner.


 photo 2B237FE1-F969-4E1C-9EE3-1333F2A97B2D-454-00000045A67E6BFC_zpsb29d642e.jpg  photo E55DD54D-04B5-4E84-B26D-91AD49BD7CA0-454-00000045AA1DCE4F_zpsa6cbe238.jpg

A few of you spotted our pretty blue appliances on Insta. They are Big Chill, came with the house, and Easy and I have had a little of a love/hate relationship with them. They are fun and I adored the oven, but the fridge was so inconvenient and they didn't match the other appliances, or really, the rest of the house.

We sold them. 

So we have yet to find replacements and I have 2 gaping holes in the kitchen where they once sat.

 photo 7124FF89-D5D3-4C26-9C3B-C353E6CF038C-454-00000040DDD841AA_zps5a8508eb.jpg
A fridge in the garage, a crockpot, electric skillet, grill, and rice cooker are serving us very well - as well as the food trucks that come into town from Denver weekly.

On that note, we missed Cinco de Mayo due to our California travels. Boo!

 photo 837820E7-308F-4651-B3E9-86816C38388B-454-00000046324CA9EB_zps1b6221a2.jpg

I'm thinking tonight we will celebrate Ocho de Mayo and call it good with beef carnitas.

*the end*


Meg said...

Hayley's back.

Clandestine Road said...

Dashboard is such a great song. I love Modest Mouse, but their lyrics are so, ahem, salty that I cannot listen to it when my kids are around.

Great post. Looks like a great time.


Jord said...

Love to see you running, the blue appliances were cool looking, if impractical, and I'm so happy about your garden! Let those tomatoes grow.

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