With Age

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Easy's birthday came and went. 

I guess March did too. 
What happened to March??

I can honestly say that my husband gets better with age and more handsome with age. 33 is looking mighty good on him. 

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We had a quiet fabulous birthday for him at home. I took his bike to the shop and had it tuned up for our trip to Moab and the girls and I baked an apple pie for him and mixed up some homemade vanilla ice cream.

For dinner we had the requested Grilled Salmon with Avocado Butter then opened his gift:

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Back in January I started a quilt for him. I worked on it while he was out of town on business then while he was at work during the day. 

This baby is huge. It measures 6'x6' and was a pain in the butt to quilt/bind. The back is a Star Wars Death Star print. I'm so proud of it. I saw the pattern online then I swapped the colors and added onto it as the one I saw was only about half the size.

It's perfect for movie night.

After that we cut into the apple pie and quickly realized that it was undercooked. The apples were hard and the juices were waaaaay runny. Dang - the next day I popped it back in the oven for another 20 minutes and it was perfect - just a day late. :)

We had a big wrestling match with the girls and called it a night.

Happy Birthday Babe!

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Courtney said...

WOw! Wow! Wow! On the blanket! Great job! Happy Belated Birthday Eric!

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