This year for spring break we took our little family and ventured off for the red rocks, arches, dirt, and sunshine of Moab, UT. It was a great adventure and one we have been planning ever since we moved to CO 6 months ago.

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Easy's brother Chad, who just moved to Denver in January, came along with us while their sister Ashley (a favorite aunt) and her husband, Andrew, met us there from SLC. It was amazing having the extra little help.

Roo adores her uncle Chad and he obviously adores her too as he hiked a few miles with her on his shoulders through the weekend. When hiking on her own she would start out strong, "I'm so good at this!" she would say. Then after about 1/4 mile in she would start moaning and telling us how tired she was. Immediately after Chad would pick her up she would announce, "I love hiking! It is so beautiful!" 


With our National Parks Pass we were all able to load in the minivan and spend a lot of time (2 days) in Arches National Park. It's a great place for kids since a lot of the sites are not too far off the road and are so magnificent.


Ava and Mae were troopers and turned out to be the best little explorers and hikers. We collected rocks and searched for the prefect sticks. They loved crawling around on boulders and finding little crevices to hide in while fighting over whose turn it was to hold their aunt's hand.


Of course the hike to Delicate Arch was the most memorable and the most difficult for our girls. The view is so spectacular though. 


What you don't see in these pics is that there is a GIANT hole just in front of the arch that you have to walk around (carefully and holding onto little hands reeeeeeally tight). Here is a great pic of it.

Easy, Ava, Mae and Roo under Delicate

Anyway this guy decided to just climb on down in there and ended up sliding down on his butt about 20 feet then falling another 20. He quickly jumped up (adrenaline and probably embarrassed from 200+ people watching) then later hobbled around a little to finally just sit there. On our hike out we saw an ambulance pull up to get the poor (slightly stupid) dude. 


Landscape Arch was my favorite. It looks tiny and kinda lame here but it spans just under 300 ft and looks as though it could crumble at any moment. My favorite picture from the trip was a panorama shot of it taken on my phone:

 photo 066FB40A-1A08-4F50-962A-3B5AE53E9561-9033-000007CC26F45986_zps854c0243.jpg

At one point either when we were packing up or on the way home Easy asked me if I wanted to go back in a month. Without any hesitation I said yes.


Everywhere you look you can't help but feel so grateful for this beautiful earth. The landscape is so breathtaking that at times it can be a little overwhelming. I felt blessed to wake up Easter morning in our little one-room cabin with the girls yawning, stretching, and excited about the holiday.  It felt amazing to breath the cool morning desert air and feel the warm sun beat on our backs as we attended sacrament meeting then ventured off to soak in more of the desert.

You really can't help but feel romantic about the many ways God had blessed us all when surrounded by such beauty. 

 photo 99780B32-BA18-4549-998F-C0B709CF7880-9033-000007CCDBF1330E_zps02d7cda2.jpg

 photo CE85C544-F1AB-4DAA-AA68-2DE58E6930DD-9033-000007C7EF4EB451_zps8b5e02ea.jpg    photo E748D11F-C5A2-4769-B6D4-D6C0C9551ADD-9033-000007C8053388B3_zpsa75186c7.jpg
 photo 002A2C5C-427A-472E-80C7-533399FDCC0B-9033-000007CA1F9E8803_zpsbd4a3ff0.jpg    photo A8B9E21A-EDD6-44B8-9E12-64BCAD6546A0-9033-000007C80C1E1581_zps57a989c1.jpg
 photo 2EEAF2C3-B343-4CAD-AB77-15EF599A44F9-9033-000007C7F36A5E65_zps0120d1a0.jpg    photo 1DBE23E9-CBF0-4E48-9A89-EC872FC94707-9033-000007C80BA303E2_zps4ea2aa8a.jpg
 photo D52A3037-AB23-4725-B4B9-4EBA0953617B-9033-000007C807118454_zps3994cb35.jpg    photo 5CD22D04-B614-4809-8B45-75A580113147-9033-000007C7F1D20F39_zps9063ce1f.jpg
 photo D898D601-D95B-4B94-97A0-466CA14C6C0D-9033-000007C80AB0235A_zpse54a9c08.jpg


eryka said...

Super fun. Drew is from Blanding (keep going south from Moab for about an hour) so we love that area. We've done so many of the hikes. It's beautiful! Maybe we can meet up for a hike sometime in June!

Lori said...

I've lived in Utah for 13 years (minus the mission somewhere in there) and I have never been to Moab. We go to Zion & Bryce all of the time, but never Moab. It is good to know it is pretty kid friendly.

AshDaBell said...

Great post! That was so fun, i wish we had stayed longer!!

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