me and running. running and me.

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Good Morning Colorado! 
7am run. 4/22/13

Running. I am not a fan.

I have tried and tried and tried to love it. I just don't.

It burns my lungs, makes my knees ache, and honestly every time I do it I think to myself, "Why in the Hell am I doing this? I hate it!"

I'm not quite ready to give up though. I kinda think that buried reeeeeally deep inside me there is a runner begging to get out.

This morning I went from last weeks pace of 13 min/mile to 10.5 min /mile and you know what - that felt good. Really good!

Maybe it was because I was listening to that catchy little Taylor Swift.
Maybe it was because of this crazy 21 day sugar cleanse I'm on (more on that soon).
Maybe it was because it was colder than expected out and I really wanted to get home.

Most likely though it's because I have been FORCING myself to get out and do it.

So after I dropped Ava off at school I toted the other girls with me to the running store to get new shoes - to serve as a reward and motivation. Gosh, I really really needed some new ones.

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We walked out with new custom molded insoles, a running/foot assessment, new socks, and a pair of kicking (bright) running shoes to get me all trained up for Ragnar.

I learned that I have more problems with my right foot because I put more weight on it and my left knee because I'm more flexible/pronate more on the left. Crazy!

Wednesday morning I'll hit the road again to try these babies out extending my distance more.
Even if I hate every minute of it.

hey running friends!
i need music.
whatcha got for me?

ps. thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post. glad that you are still enjoying The Dirt and glad that some of you are still blogging. sorry i have such a hard time checking private blogs - they don't work with my reader.


eryka said...

The Ragnar is the best run ever!! I wish I was doing it with you. You'll enjoy the race even if you hate every minute of training for it.

I'm really liking Image Dragons to run to. Call me crazy but I also love listening to general conference while I run. It takes my mind off the actual run. Enjoy!

Kelli said...

I agree on private blogs... I made a public reader blog that I post a notification of when I blogged on my private one. Does that make sense?

Can't wait to hear about the cleanse. I need something like that to kick this last 10lbs of post baby weight.

Meg said...

Black Eyed Peas, Matt and Kim, Imagine Dragons are on my running playlist right now. Tom Petty (Learning to Fly) and Cake (Distance) will forever be on my running list and can always give me much needed motivation when I'm dragging.

Good Job, Hayley!
Next purchase (a must have, IMO) a garmin forerunner running watch. Just get a used 205. Life changing!
Also, good job!
PB&J us the best pre running fuel.
if you're losing motivation, find some hills. Running up sucks, but is empowering in the same way because you actually FEEL stronger as you run. And what goes up must come down, so that's an added reward, too. I love running. You will too. Even if you hate it at the same time. Good job!

Scooby and Jon said...

Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" gets me going, as does Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti. David Garrett is fun too. I like upbeat stuff- I tend to run to the beat, so the faster the beat, the sooner I finish.

Hannah Cooper said...

I find that once you get to a happy place if running fitness (which is different to every other sort it seems!), everything falls into place and running is a joy... I am only just getting back to my happy running place 5 months after having my baby (I had lofty lofty goals that seem laughable now :)

Music - Vance Joy from Australia... Particularly their song Riptide. So so good for getting your run on!

Rach said...

I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine.

Unknown said...

You and I are in the same boat. I'm trying to be a good runner/walker but I fight it with every step. It's dreadful.

Can't wait to hear about the sugar cleanse. I need that as well. I'm currently downing a large coke everyday. Ugh.

Music...I love the new Pitbull/Christina song..Feel this Moment. Black Eye Peas and Justin Timberlake. To me the more dance music it is the better I pace myself.

Rachelle said...

Don't laugh but Britney. Britney Spears. And Justin Timberlake. All the teeny bopper stuff from when I was in high school. I have no idea why. It's such dumb music but it works. I usually just use pandora.

Good luck running. You're going to become obsessed with it.

Clandestine Road said...

Great work! I think the most difficult part is the first month.

I cannot listen to music while I run outside. I get all paranoid that I cannot hear a car or person behind me. That all changes when I'm on a treadmill. I need a movie on and to listen to music because that's how much distraction I need from the horribleness that is the treadmill. I like the Mad Caddies, Spaceman by the Killers, and Mumford and Sons.

How long is the Ragnar race? It sounds fun! I hope your pf is better.


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