Like a Little Lizard

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A. Rose Gardiner 
April 2013

Our little Rosie.

She gives the best squeezes and kisses, she loves books and toys she can manipulate, she adores her bunny and blankie, and she is an expert crawler. Like, I wish there was some sort of contest we could enter her in for it.

So, it hasn't really bothered me that she isn't walking. She is so tiny that I don't mind packing her around and as we all know babies grow entirely too fast so her still crawling has in a way stunted her in the baby phase for me.

But seriously though...it's kinda getting ridiculous. She is ripping holes in all her leggings and she has bloodied the tops of her feet on the driveway more than once.

I have got to get this baby to walk!!!

She is 17 months.
She is capable.
She is strong.


She is STUBBORN and scared.

She does great holding on to anything with both her hands, but when I try to let go she digs her little nails in, cries, lowers her self to the ground, and shoots off crawling like a little lizard.

I even bought her squeaky shoes. She just sits on the floor with them banging her heels on the ground to get them to squeak then she squeals with delight about it.

I can't help but laugh when I think about her going to nursery at church in a few weeks and crawling after all the kids when they go down the hall for drink of water. They will have to tie the rope they hold onto around her little waist and she'll be the caboose.



Kelli said...

She's working smarter, not harder. Haha that's what Evan did. 16 months later...

Spring said...

Teehee! Isaac was 18 months when he finally got the hang of walking. I do love the delay of giving up the baby phase. Nursery actually helped him really catch on - the good kind of peer pressure and all. She is such a cutie!

Matthew said...

She is looking at all the other suckers walking around while she gets carried place to place. She has out-thought the system.

AshDaBell said...

I love this picture of her, she is so dang cute! I miss her so bad, I just want to kiss her cute little cheeks. I love picturing her pounding her feet to hear the squeaky shoes while giggling. I'm sure she'll be walking in no time and we'll miss having a crawling baby in the family.

Rhonda & Greg said...

My daughter Gracie was the same way...she didn't walk til 16 months. I think if she really wanted to she could but why? She figured she could crawl super fast. She was stubborn as well. Just like now...she is 7 and doesn't tie her shoes. Can she YES...I've watched her tie others shoes. But she will not tie her own. What stinkers.

Meg said...

corbin walked on his knees until 17 months. they figure it out eventually..and then they climb...
ENjoy you "baby" being a baby a little bit longer.

TheKeilShpeel said...

Maybe seeing all the kids in nursery walking around will make her want to walk with them. Shes' such a doll though.

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