Dried Up Dirt

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In the last year my blogging changed.

Have you noticed? I have. 

It's not near as personal or as simple. It's dry. The Dirt is dry. 

I feel like lately I'm only blogging about the big things (trips, holidays, events) and not the day to day joy that once defined my blog. The Dirt used to always be in the back of my mind and I would document everything and write about the silliest little things. Lately it has become more of a chore - and I hate that. 

I know that many many many of my old blog friends have quit - given it up. One by one. Where are you???? I miss you! 

The absolute truth that I refuse to accept is that my life has changed. It's a different season now. I have kids in school. We have moved again -and again. I am constantly running from one thing to another and I feel frazzled and uptight. 

So here is the deal. I've decided to resurrect this dry boring blog and bring it back to what I always envisioned and loved from the beginning. 

I am determined that with a new attitude and a new-found determination to document more of the day to day bliss I will look back on these (busy, hectic, crazy) days with the same fondness that I feel when I read through my archives. I love my archives. I love looking at my family from the outside through photos and written word where we had three little girls, a beautiful garden, I was immersed in nursing school, raised our very own backyard chickens, bought and fixed up our first home, baked cakes for no reason at all and celebrated even the tiniest of milestones. 

I've realized that even though blogging is sort of dead (why why why?? - Facebook?? Instagram??) 

The Dirt doesn't have to be. 

On that note I found my very own egg lady!!! Or she kinda found me. 

And the craziest and sort-of grossest thing...I have 11 duck eggs sitting in my fridge and I have almost no idea what to do with them. 

 photo 1DB1C2B8-E255-467E-AB09-59914F5FC700-662-000000533B7F6684_zpsaa150f0e.jpg

Oh you know what else has changed? Blogger. I hate hate hate the new editor. I HATE that I can't custom size my photos. And I hate that the new iMac doesn't have an RSS reader in Mail and now Google Reader is going away this summer. Lame. 


Clandestine Road said...

Yeah! I love this blog.

What do duck eggs taste like? I'm intrigued, but not enough to find out for myself. :)

Meg said...

I love it too.
1) I absolutely blame facebook and instagram for the death of blogging. It's so sad.
2) Archives are the best! My kids spend HOURS reading the blog books. I posted a picture of Reese's first poop. It's still the favorite page out of all the books.
3) yes. the new editor sucks. big time.
4)I agree that it's changed for me, too, but when I resolve to post little things, it is the therapy I set out for it to be. I've stopped caring whether or not my photos are cropped perfectly, whether or not my writing is edited to the way I wish I had time for it to be, and whether or not any of us look decent in the pictures. I don't crop out the messy countertop in the background or braid Quincy's mullet for pictures. If my blog is what it's really destined to be--a true documentation of our lives (minus some of the day-to-day bad stuff, I try to focus more on the positive and only bring up the bad things that matter in the long run)---then I want it to be a REAL snapshot of our lives...not one I spent hours editing to make perfect. We're too busy for that! I post what I can, when I can and that's good. It feels so good, and after all the craziness over the years I am so glad I didn't quit. There are some gaps, and there are times when we only had time to post the big stuff, but at least we got that in there. Good job keeping it up. When I go back and read about going to night school, building a chicken coop, running a marathon and teaching preschool, all with 3 kids at home, my head starts spinning and I wonder how I juggled it all...but I also feel empowered to know that I DID juggle it all, so whatever lay ahead in the future better watch out. I can handle it.

And you can, too. Blog on, my friend! blog on and love it.

Kelli said...

I still blog! Send me your email and ill invite you. Ifn you wanna.

eden said...

Yay!! i really enjoy reading your archives too!! i have three little girls and its fun to see how other girl moms do it!

Carly said...

Well I still read your blog!! Because I love it, you're entertaining, your girls are gorgeous and I want to be you. haha.

I still blog over on my photo blog. It's a bit less personal, but I'm trying to get more into it. NOBODY blog anymore. I used to read a ton. My family stopped, most of my friends and for awhile so did I (had an issue with my family blog pictures). But keep it up! People still read it!

Also, I know you have Mac, but I use Windows Live Writer to blog. I HATE blogger. So much. I haven't blogged through blogger in years. I upload all my pictures to Flickr and copy and paste the size I want directly into Windows Live Writer. It's amazing and so quick. I think there's a program called MarsEdit for mac you can download and it's pretty similar.

Down with Blogger!

Spring said...

Realizing that I love the archives is what keeps me going, but I feel the same. I keep doing a big post here and there. You are so right - time to renew my love of blogging the little things! (It was GREAT to see you last week, BTW! Your girlies have gotten so big!)

allison said...

After a longish hiatus, I am back at blogging like a boss. BLOGGING IS NOT DEAD! I will not let it die! :-D You and I can single-handedly revive it!! Come on! (And I am still reading The Dirt, dry or not.)

Amy said...

Oh how I miss chatting with you hayley. I like that you share your real life. It makes me realize, although I still contemplate, that you are not 100% perfect. You are pretty close though.

Amy said...

Oh how I miss chatting with you hayley. I like that you share your real life. It makes me realize, although I still contemplate, that you are not 100% perfect. You are pretty close though.

Rasmussen boys and 1 girl! said...

Duck eggs are excellent for baking.

nicwoo said...

I haven't been good at checking others, but yes, I still blog and am working through similar thoughts... Blog on! Because in the end, as noted in the comments here, YOUR OWN kids adore the "little" stories. Here's a little more love for you <3, but isn't it always for the kids?? :) PS Blogger also has a max amount of space so my newest one is www.woodhh.blogspot.com

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