Paint. Spring. And Mice.

 photo 75AFA392-33BD-4678-9747-2D14F7FE0C59-1569-00000196159D1C89_zpsb964e7b3.jpg

After 2 weeks in our new house things are really starting to come together. 

I'm deciding on paint right now for the dining room. The entire house is full of warm, rich colors and the dining room is painted light blue. It just doesn't fit. I want it to be a light warm grey. This pic shows a pretty muted blue, but trust me, it's like baby blue and it's driving me crazy. I'm thinking we will go with Behr's Silver Drop. 

 photo 4D30555E-0B90-4A0F-BF84-56C093989D23-1569-000001961AA764EB_zpse87211de.jpg  photo 767DA96F-F3EF-45C6-9B7D-F79787DD2923-14531-00000BA5808EA15E_zps28495563.jpg

Curtains have been sewn and hung. 

Shelves put up. 

Rugs purchased. Both are from Ikea. The top is in the dining room and the bottom in the piano room/den. 

 photo 846C9268-64CE-4E5E-B993-B46BDC36B5B5-1569-00000196D8A7D4DB_zps13f790ae.jpg  photo 8C9F7304-20C1-4259-9429-3499394D690D-14531-00000B9F171E4C1B_zpsd8348a8c.jpg

Mostly I've just been itching for spring, dying to get my garden beds ready, and plant some trees. There will be lots and lots of work to be done, but I really can't wait to get my hands in the soil.

Oh and guess what? 

We have little friends here. 

Mice! Or a mouse. I really don't know. All I know is that last night I baited 2 traps in the kitchen with chocolate chips and this morning...the chocolate was gone...but no mouse in the trap(s).

 photo A45B99B6-FB77-424C-84BC-79F95F667961-1569-00000199909090E1_zps5d052fff.jpg

Oh yeah, this means war! You can't just steal my chocolate without giving me your head. 


christy said...

So exciting! I swear by peanut butter in the mouse traps. They love it and they can't just snatch and run. Good luck! Can't wait to see more of your house.

Meg said...

ahhh! mice! Does it make you want to just never take off your socks? Nothing like a little mouse to make you feel like a hoarder. We had one. ONE. and I swear I went crazy and bleached everything. I couldn't sleep. Stupid mouse. I was so relieved when i finally caught him!

Amber Goodman said...

I love the way you decorate! You definitely have a knack for it. (and use peanut butter next time)

Unknown said...

use peanut butter and you will catch it! Get it quickly. We found a baby mouse in our basement a few weeks back. UGH! :( We ended up baiting our basement b/c it creeped me out so bad.

Rachelle said...

ugh. mice. we used decon in my grandmas house. one day i was folding laundry and pushed the ottoman out of the way and there lay a sad little puffed up mouse on his death bed. it was the saddest site ever. maybe traps are better?! who knows.

loving your bright house.

AshDaBell said...

I agree with the others, peanut butter works. Your house looks so cute!!! Mice are the worst.

goofy feet said...

it's a trade off: scorpions or mice. hmmm? also, thanks for motivating me to get decorating! we just moved to glendale a few weeks ago.

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