OUR Home


Yesterday we bought a home. 

It was crazy.


Like we all sat around a conference table signing papers. We signed and chatted and signed more. Then the title rep guy left for about ten minutes, walked back in, shook mine and Easy's hands and said, "Congratulations!" We walked out with keys in our hands and a chunk taken out of our savings.


So tomorrow we move in. And we are overwhelmed and stressed and anxious.

But mostly grateful and very excited to have a home to call our very own. A place we will put down roots (figuratively and literally), a place where my girls will grow, and place to welcome friends and family - you are coming, right??


Meg said...

Congrats!!! It's beautiful!
So exciting.

Scooby and Jon said...

Love it!

Lori said...

It is cute! Congrats. I would love that front porch.

AshDaBell said...

Love it Love it Love it!

Kent said...

Can't wait to visit!

Lechelle said...

Oh wow, to have a place to call your own, how exciting! We've got a few moves left before we get there, I'm a tad envious. The outside looks beautiful, I'm looking forward to pictures of the rest.

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