In the Last 48 Hours

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We have one busy baby on our hands.

*Two days ago she woke up with pink eye.

*Later that day she threw my phone on the concrete pool deck during the older girls' swimming lessons shattering the screen. It still works, but looks something horrendous.

*Yesterday she skinned the tops of her feet crawling all over the concrete driveway. I didn't even notice until bath time that night when I saw the dried blood on them.

*This morning she colored on the wall with dry-erase marker. Anyone know how to get that off??

*This afternoon she fell off the couch, cut open her lip, and got a purple shiner on her forehead.

*And finally tonight she dove head first into Ava's bath with all her clothes on - luckily Ava caught her.

She still isn't walking (16 months!) but at this rate I'm in no hurry for her to.


Meg said...

corbin walked late. It turned out to be the best thing ever! I've been chasing him, since!

Rachelle said...

What a busy girl!! Is she going to be your brunette?

Amber Goodman said...

Keeping you busy! I'd try rubbing alcohol on the wall... but I'm not sure.

AshDaBell said...

Wow she is a busy girl! Is this what parenthood is like? Sure seems hard!

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