GM's Teeth Saga: Final Chapter

 photo F936D5E3-4CA5-41C3-A446-CCA9CD1061B5-311-0000001F05D7D41B_zps8eb42b01.jpg
Last smile with her fake teeth / March 2013

The other morning GM got up and ready for school in just about the cutest uniform she has. Since her dentist appt a few weeks ago she has been diligent on brushing her teeth in the mornings. She came to me looking sad and told me that her teeth were hurting and there was even a little blood on her toothbrush. 

I took a look and yep, those same dang teeth that have been plaguing us for years were acting up again.

The one that she had problems with back in August, and the ones that were pulled the August before and replaced with fake ones, those ones were replaced because she broke her kisser in January of 2011 and were also the same ones that were first hit http://www.gardinerdirt.com/2009/12/celebrated.htmlin December of 2009. Ugh. 

I made an appt for her with a Pediatric dentist and later that afternoon we found ourselves prepping for another extraction and removal of the pedi-partial (fake teeth) to finally end Mae's Teeth Saga. 

 photo D7C985DB-FA42-4243-B385-D52BFA3B5395-311-0000001F1219B390_zps7c9dcc13.jpg  photo 8E21EB22-F770-408E-BF12-75D16827AFDE-311-0000001FEE670BFC_zpsbb182e28.jpg

She is so used to this that she didn't even flinch about all the tools and prying and pulling. She acted annoyed with any questions during the procedure and just wanted to be left to watch her movie. She got to keep her partial, took home the tooth that was pulled, and also walked away with a bag of goodies (I think the dentist felt bad for her). 

 photo 86560D50-F441-48DF-B070-068EB6A2C9EA-311-0000001F0AE3AF0C_zpsce262869.jpg

She is still our smiley girl - just with a few less teeth. 

We are praying that this really is The End of it. 


christy said...

Cutest toothless smile.

the crew said...

such a cute smile!! We have had some of the tooth trouble ourselves- not fun!

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