Facing Fears

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So I can be/am a total wuss when it comes to swimming. 

I didn't really learn how to properly swim underwater until the summer after I got married when Easy and I had a job traveling around the country working together. I was 21. We spent a lot of time swimming in hotel pools and he patiently encouraged me to become a better swimmer. And I did, but I still have had quite a bit of fear in deep water.

Anyway a week ago we had a friend invite us to take a scuba class. You know, something that you just don't pass up. I very hesitantly agreed to try it - then coped with my decision by pushing it out of my mind for the rest of the week. 

When the day of the class arrived I felt almost paralyzed every time E mentioned it. I was a huge ball of nerves. My heart was racing. I felt sick to my stomach, but I knew that I couldn't bail - I needed to do this!!

When we got to the dive shop my nerves about turned me into mush. Luckily there was a little classroom session which was informative and calming. I asked a lot of questions and panicked a little. 

Our instructor sensed my uneasiness and when we got in the pool we started out really slow. First just breathing through the tube above water then submerging only our faces. Next, we added the masks and things started to get pretty real. We went all the way under and knelt in the shallow water. My mask was foggy, there were bubbles everywhere, I was claustrophobic breathing through a tube. The instructor gave us the okay? sign. Easy immediately gave it back. I sat there. I wasn't okay, but I also was. I gave him sign back. 

We then got me a new face mask and put on our fins. We practiced taking the tube out of our mouths then replacing it and practiced getting water out of the face mask while under. This time it was different. I had a breakthrough - I forgot about the bubbles and the breathing and the fog. I just wanted to swim. 

The next time we went down we cruised around in the shallow end then proceeded to the deep end. I felt cool as a cat compared to earlier and before we knew it Easy and I were swimming through hoops, throwing discs and torpedoes to each other,  doing somersaults, and writing messages to each other on magnet boards underneath 12 feet of water. It was crazy amazing. We stayed under for about 20 minutes and could have been there for at least 20 more. 

I have been on a little of a high ever since. It was by far the coolest date we have ever been on. 

We did it. We did scuba. 

and you know what? 

I didn't die!!

Bermuda here we come! 


Rachelle said...

so, are you seriously going to Bermuda?!? amazing.

ya know whats funny? kelly is sort of the same. he never really had proper swim lessons and the first time we went to the beach together he couldn't believe that i knew how to swim in the ocean. he was so shocked! i was so shocked he didn't know how. i grew up going to the shore and taking swim lessons all the way into junior high. maybe its a nevada/idaho/farm thing to not take a lot of lessons?

anyway, yay for conquering your fears!! hope scuba diving is in the near future for you guys!

AshDaBell said...

That's so awesome! Andrew wants to do scuba but I am a wuss. Maybe someday I'll face my fears. Bermuda will be so fun!

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