GM's Teeth Saga: Final Chapter

 photo F936D5E3-4CA5-41C3-A446-CCA9CD1061B5-311-0000001F05D7D41B_zps8eb42b01.jpg
Last smile with her fake teeth / March 2013

The other morning GM got up and ready for school in just about the cutest uniform she has. Since her dentist appt a few weeks ago she has been diligent on brushing her teeth in the mornings. She came to me looking sad and told me that her teeth were hurting and there was even a little blood on her toothbrush. 

I took a look and yep, those same dang teeth that have been plaguing us for years were acting up again.

The one that she had problems with back in August, and the ones that were pulled the August before and replaced with fake ones, those ones were replaced because she broke her kisser in January of 2011 and were also the same ones that were first hit http://www.gardinerdirt.com/2009/12/celebrated.htmlin December of 2009. Ugh. 

I made an appt for her with a Pediatric dentist and later that afternoon we found ourselves prepping for another extraction and removal of the pedi-partial (fake teeth) to finally end Mae's Teeth Saga. 

 photo D7C985DB-FA42-4243-B385-D52BFA3B5395-311-0000001F1219B390_zps7c9dcc13.jpg  photo 8E21EB22-F770-408E-BF12-75D16827AFDE-311-0000001FEE670BFC_zpsbb182e28.jpg

She is so used to this that she didn't even flinch about all the tools and prying and pulling. She acted annoyed with any questions during the procedure and just wanted to be left to watch her movie. She got to keep her partial, took home the tooth that was pulled, and also walked away with a bag of goodies (I think the dentist felt bad for her). 

 photo 86560D50-F441-48DF-B070-068EB6A2C9EA-311-0000001F0AE3AF0C_zpsce262869.jpg

She is still our smiley girl - just with a few less teeth. 

We are praying that this really is The End of it. 


Paint. Spring. And Mice.

 photo 75AFA392-33BD-4678-9747-2D14F7FE0C59-1569-00000196159D1C89_zpsb964e7b3.jpg

After 2 weeks in our new house things are really starting to come together. 

I'm deciding on paint right now for the dining room. The entire house is full of warm, rich colors and the dining room is painted light blue. It just doesn't fit. I want it to be a light warm grey. This pic shows a pretty muted blue, but trust me, it's like baby blue and it's driving me crazy. I'm thinking we will go with Behr's Silver Drop. 

 photo 4D30555E-0B90-4A0F-BF84-56C093989D23-1569-000001961AA764EB_zpse87211de.jpg  photo 767DA96F-F3EF-45C6-9B7D-F79787DD2923-14531-00000BA5808EA15E_zps28495563.jpg

Curtains have been sewn and hung. 

Shelves put up. 

Rugs purchased. Both are from Ikea. The top is in the dining room and the bottom in the piano room/den. 

 photo 846C9268-64CE-4E5E-B993-B46BDC36B5B5-1569-00000196D8A7D4DB_zps13f790ae.jpg  photo 8C9F7304-20C1-4259-9429-3499394D690D-14531-00000B9F171E4C1B_zpsd8348a8c.jpg

Mostly I've just been itching for spring, dying to get my garden beds ready, and plant some trees. There will be lots and lots of work to be done, but I really can't wait to get my hands in the soil.

Oh and guess what? 

We have little friends here. 

Mice! Or a mouse. I really don't know. All I know is that last night I baited 2 traps in the kitchen with chocolate chips and this morning...the chocolate was gone...but no mouse in the trap(s).

 photo A45B99B6-FB77-424C-84BC-79F95F667961-1569-00000199909090E1_zps5d052fff.jpg

Oh yeah, this means war! You can't just steal my chocolate without giving me your head. 


Facing Fears

 photo 605F8A21-9E33-440F-AE53-D28DA281862B-14531-00000BA57001011D_zpsb85ad870.jpg

So I can be/am a total wuss when it comes to swimming. 

I didn't really learn how to properly swim underwater until the summer after I got married when Easy and I had a job traveling around the country working together. I was 21. We spent a lot of time swimming in hotel pools and he patiently encouraged me to become a better swimmer. And I did, but I still have had quite a bit of fear in deep water.

Anyway a week ago we had a friend invite us to take a scuba class. You know, something that you just don't pass up. I very hesitantly agreed to try it - then coped with my decision by pushing it out of my mind for the rest of the week. 

When the day of the class arrived I felt almost paralyzed every time E mentioned it. I was a huge ball of nerves. My heart was racing. I felt sick to my stomach, but I knew that I couldn't bail - I needed to do this!!

When we got to the dive shop my nerves about turned me into mush. Luckily there was a little classroom session which was informative and calming. I asked a lot of questions and panicked a little. 

Our instructor sensed my uneasiness and when we got in the pool we started out really slow. First just breathing through the tube above water then submerging only our faces. Next, we added the masks and things started to get pretty real. We went all the way under and knelt in the shallow water. My mask was foggy, there were bubbles everywhere, I was claustrophobic breathing through a tube. The instructor gave us the okay? sign. Easy immediately gave it back. I sat there. I wasn't okay, but I also was. I gave him sign back. 

We then got me a new face mask and put on our fins. We practiced taking the tube out of our mouths then replacing it and practiced getting water out of the face mask while under. This time it was different. I had a breakthrough - I forgot about the bubbles and the breathing and the fog. I just wanted to swim. 

The next time we went down we cruised around in the shallow end then proceeded to the deep end. I felt cool as a cat compared to earlier and before we knew it Easy and I were swimming through hoops, throwing discs and torpedoes to each other,  doing somersaults, and writing messages to each other on magnet boards underneath 12 feet of water. It was crazy amazing. We stayed under for about 20 minutes and could have been there for at least 20 more. 

I have been on a little of a high ever since. It was by far the coolest date we have ever been on. 

We did it. We did scuba. 

and you know what? 

I didn't die!!

Bermuda here we come! 


In the Last 48 Hours

 photo 8C25C669-8419-443B-A138-ECB6C8B75418-11469-000009529C1528C7_zps2385d358.jpg

We have one busy baby on our hands.

*Two days ago she woke up with pink eye.

*Later that day she threw my phone on the concrete pool deck during the older girls' swimming lessons shattering the screen. It still works, but looks something horrendous.

*Yesterday she skinned the tops of her feet crawling all over the concrete driveway. I didn't even notice until bath time that night when I saw the dried blood on them.

*This morning she colored on the wall with dry-erase marker. Anyone know how to get that off??

*This afternoon she fell off the couch, cut open her lip, and got a purple shiner on her forehead.

*And finally tonight she dove head first into Ava's bath with all her clothes on - luckily Ava caught her.

She still isn't walking (16 months!) but at this rate I'm in no hurry for her to.


getting acquainted

 photo 151C3EF0-12B4-4E78-A7AC-D515FCC80BEC-9099-000007C71729A8BB_zps819c268c.jpg

Our move went well. Like really well. We had a great turn out from the men at church and Easy even hired a couple guys in case we needed them. A friend had offered to watch the girls and in a matter of a couple of hours we went from one house, to one truck, to another house. 

 photo CDC542ED-5187-4D81-B6D8-03BE3510FC5E-9099-000007C71A156301_zpscee64dc0.jpg  photo 6D12EEA3-0937-4D5E-9041-74AB98875F34-9099-000007C5AF3C208C_zps91fd412c.jpg

The afternoon of the move I focused all my efforts on getting the kitchen organized. As I sat and stared at all those boxes I wanted so bad for my mom to be there to just do it all for me. Even though I have moved way more than she has I still believe she has a great gift for putting together a kitchen. 

 photo 72692636-99F1-4796-BFF5-A8F5D45B58ED-9099-000007C5A96D3A91_zpsb95d61ba.jpg

Everyday since then it's just been more and more of the same. Unpacking and getting acquainted with the house.

Cut open box
Unwrap treasures
Find a place for them

Cut open box
Unwrap treasures
Find a place for them

Cut open box
Unwrap treasures
Find a place for them


Luckily my little ones have been pretty patient - and they don't mind playing with packing paper.

Now we are working on getting our back fence done (our poor dog is going crazy) and I'm trying to temper my impulse to paint rooms, build garden beds and a pergola, tear down lighting (those ones in the kitchen), buy new appliances, and get rugs all within the next week.


OUR Home


Yesterday we bought a home. 

It was crazy.


Like we all sat around a conference table signing papers. We signed and chatted and signed more. Then the title rep guy left for about ten minutes, walked back in, shook mine and Easy's hands and said, "Congratulations!" We walked out with keys in our hands and a chunk taken out of our savings.


So tomorrow we move in. And we are overwhelmed and stressed and anxious.

But mostly grateful and very excited to have a home to call our very own. A place we will put down roots (figuratively and literally), a place where my girls will grow, and place to welcome friends and family - you are coming, right??

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