Vail Baby!

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We just returned from Vail where Easy's office is having a little retreat this weekend. The girls and I went up early with him to play and we had a blast! I wish I could be there tomorrow to board on that perfect CO snow with him. 

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While passing the time for free rides up the gondola I took both of the older chickies ice skating. It was mostly me pulling them along on the ice praying that they wouldn't drag me down when they bit the dust. And bite the bust they did! Luckily I stayed on my feet while their limber little bodies took all the falls.

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Rosie was a smiling little treat the whole weekend. Must have been something about being carried around, the fresh air, and having socks as gloves.

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We had all intentions of tubing but at $30 a pop we decided to pass and go up another weekend with our own sled to a place that would be equally scenic and FREE! 

Family of 6 X 30 = $$$

 photo C0E000C1-9855-4BD0-B2E8-7780553E7FC0-10264-000007505C229FBB_zps4c8c6111.jpg

Missing tubing didn't bother us too much as we cruised up and down in the Gondola, hung out in a YURT, had a snowball fight at the top of the mountain, and tromped around on the ski runs. 

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For dinner we went to Blue Moose Pizza and filled our bellies. On the way out I spotted The Pioneer Woman dining with non-other than Marlboro Man! We were just about out the door when I turned to Easy and said, "Here's my phone - take a pic of me with this red-haired lady!" He was highly confused but just went with it after seeing that I was totally serious. We apologized for interrupting them and I asked for a quick pic. Ree (we are totally on a first name basis now!) was as sweet as ever as we chatted for a bit...so who's famous now??

When we walked out Easy turned to me and said, "Wait, was that The Pioneer Woman!?!"

She's totally coming for dinner next week ;)

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After dinner we swam at the hotel and lounged in the hot tub outside before tucking our littles in for the night. 

 photo 36F9C548-5133-41CB-BBF7-246A74475673-10264-000007575633F267_zps25ec64af.jpg

As we headed out after church today (yep - we go to church while on vacation) I felt pleased with our little getaway. The girls were so well behaved, the mountains were beautiful, the food delicious, the resort charming, and the weather was perfect.

Until next time Vail!


Matthew said...

Love the socks for gloves!

the crew said...

sounds like a fantastic way to spend the weekend!

Jeane M. said...
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Scooby and Jon said...

So jealous that you met Ree, that's awesome.

AshDaBell said...

Looks like a really fun weekend!

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