(sort of) Sledding!

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Last weekend we headed back up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a sledding adventure. 

The weather called for clear skies and temps in the 30*s. It sounded perfect! 

We bundled up the chickies and put on our warmest socks, hats, and coats for a day in the snow...only on our way up the mountain we questioned whether there would be enough/any.


Higher and higher we went and still there seemed to be barely anything white on the ground. 

When we hit the entrance to the park the ranger assured us that there was a slight to moderate amount for sledding. Score!

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What he didn't tell us was that the wind would literally freeze us to stone and blow our faces off. Poor Rosie probably thought we were torturing her. As we hiked up the hill the wind picked the snow right up off the ground and slapped us in the face with it all the way.

 photo 64C86E9A-7C8A-4CA5-9DF3-19C2A6330845-1284-000000DF9BCE0EFC_zpscbdf43f8.jpg

Once we got to the top the girls camped out in a cove of trees and played house. One by one we coerced them to sled with us (the "store" was at the bottom of the hill and we needed things like "eggs, bread, milk" for the house) then we would make the trek back up in the wind.

 photo 98EC47A5-81CD-45F1-A762-12D2EC7260C1-1284-000000E306C225DA_zps3385490c.jpg  

At times like this it's easy to think that it's just not worth it. The kids are not interested, we are all freezing, no one wants to sled because they don't want to climb up the hill again. It can be very unpleasant. 

 photo 3863385D-2293-425E-8AF2-C4AC79F1FF8F-1284-000000DF94E94306_zps6c3cb928.jpg

But Easy and I decided many years ago that we weren't going to let trips like this stop us from going again and again. We want our kids to experience life, nature, adventure, and yeah even set-backs. Remember our camping trip to Blue Ridge a few years ago? 

It's about getting out there
It's about playing with them. 
It's about making the best of a poor situation. 
It's about trying again if it doesn't quite work out - which is exactly what we will do. :)

And regardless how the sledding went. RMNP is beautiful!


Just seeing the view's totally made it worth it.



AshDaBell said...

I love your method of getting them to sled by incorporating it into playing house, very creative! Andrew and I talk all the time about how we love that you and Eric are always doing stuff! NO matter how hard or inconvenient it is with kids, you guys are always doing stuff which is awesome. Your kids will have so many experiences and great memories. We want to be like you!

Jord said...

Best perspective ever. Your girls will thank you for it again and again.

goofy feet said...

good for you guys! work hard...play harder!

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