Our Evening Bird

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I imagine most families have a nightly routine after dinner to help things move along a little more smoothly.

Since moving to CO ours has changed a little with Easy having a 25 min commute. We no longer are able to have dinner at 5 and the girls in bed by 7:30. 

When he walks in the door after dinner they want to wrestle, read, talk, talk, talk about the day, and snuggle. 

Roo has always been a little of an evening bird, but lately she has turned into a night owl. 

She consistently stays up well after her sisters have drifted off into dream land and chatters away for hours. She gather's toys and books in the dark and brings them into bed with her - hiding them in the sheets or tucking them in  next to her so perfectly. She also makes 2-3 trips to the bathroom. 

A few weeks ago I walked in to check on her and she had passed out with oversized sunglasses balanced on top of her head. We have found her with books on her face, pennies in her hands, and often times she is wrapped up in her blankets (head completely covered) sweating in a little self-made cocoon. 

It's one of those things I'm sure Easy and I will talk about when she is older. If we are lucky maybe we can catch it all on video for her. 


AshDaBell said...

She is so cute! Love that picture of her sleeping. I'd do a slumper party with gingeroo any day.

the crew said...

Henry is very much the same way:) He gets this energy burst at night and could stay up so late- he is also very cute and talkative, making it hard for me to insist that he go to bed.

the crew said...
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AshDaBell said...

When I look at this picture of Roo with her arms up I just want to tickle her little armpits.

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