Feb 14th, 2013

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This morning Ava and Mae woke up giggling. They are sooooo excited about Valentines Day! And instead of having to wear their uniforms they got to dress up for school. 

Mae picked her white eyelet dress, hot pink footless tights, and her new grey flats. Ava wore her red and white striped/polka dot dress, white leggings and her brown flats. 

After they dressed Ava handed me a small gift. Two papers glued together with string that they had made days ago. It was all dazzled up with hearts and proclamations of love for Easy and I. I think I will treasure it forever. 

They eagerly ate their breakfast, drank their green smoothies, and secretely talked about the Valentines they will be bringing home from school .

Tonight we plan to have heart-shaped homemade pizza for dinner (girls request) and a skillet pizookie with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert + warm chocolate sauce. Mmmmm! And I will give each of them their small boxes of chocolate and little love notes. 

Like I said the other day I'm not too big on this silly holiday, but I do adore my sweet children and my dear husband of (almost!) 10 years. I don't care to go to a fancy restaurant and I don't demand a dozen red roses. It is pretty nice to just sit back, enjoy each other, and celebrate all the love in our little family... so we will do just that.

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AshDaBell said...

Cute! I love that the girls made something for you and E. I also love hearing what they picked out to wear today, I bet they look darling!

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