Baa Baa Black Sheep


Last week we got a message from a new friend with an invitation to go see some brand new baby lambs. 


We had a lot going on, but I knew we just couldn't pass this up. Most of them were just days old and cute as ever jumping around on their new little legs and ramming each other in the head.

It was freezing outside + windy, but the girls warmed up to the sheep fast and couldn't get enough.

IMG_5327 IMG_5320

Little Ava constantly had one in her arms. 


Roo on the other hand, kept her distance with a curious eye.


And Rosie gave them a straight-arm to the face and acted bored/annoyed as hell the whole time.

Then, just to show me how over it she was...she does this:


No little lambs are getting attention while this girl is around!


Andy said...

So sad we missed it! Looks so fun.

smith scratch said...

Rosie cracks me up!!!

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