Packing up...again


I'm eating my homemade ice cream out of tupperware for lunch. It's Butter Pecan and I can honestly say that every person in this house is absolutely addicted to it. Butter + cream + nuts + sugar it's kind of a no-brainer. 

It's hard for me to say it because it still seems so surreal, but the last few weeks I have been packing and packing and packing up again. Yes, we have only been here 5 months. Yes, we didn't unpack much so it makes it a whole lot easier + we saved all our boxes and paper. And yes, the last 2 moves we did were corporate ones where I basically didn't have to lift a finger so this one kinda sucks.

I hate packing. 

The good news though is that we bought a house which will be our very own!! And it's only a couple of miles away from our current rental and two blocks from the girls' school. There is a neighborhood pool, parks and we are super close to the city rec center and library. I cannot wait.


Meanwhile, everything is being sifted through and sorted out. We are down to packing the stuff that we use daily (ice cream machine ;) and waiting for better weather (and a husband home) to do the garage.

In case you are curious this is our 11th move in (almost) 10 years of marriage.
Ava's 7th move (she is 7) and
the 5th move since The Dirt began in 2007.

I'm soooo ready to settle.
And put down roots.
And have a garden again.
And eager to make this new little place our very own.


ps. i just commited to doing this in the fall:

i think i might puke


(sort of) Sledding!

 photo B39D11F0-07B5-4D8D-AF63-3999745B8FA7-1284-000000DF7DFD80AE_zps03514116.jpg

Last weekend we headed back up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a sledding adventure. 

The weather called for clear skies and temps in the 30*s. It sounded perfect! 

We bundled up the chickies and put on our warmest socks, hats, and coats for a day in the snow...only on our way up the mountain we questioned whether there would be enough/any.


Higher and higher we went and still there seemed to be barely anything white on the ground. 

When we hit the entrance to the park the ranger assured us that there was a slight to moderate amount for sledding. Score!

 photo 512DC800-2C22-42FE-AC17-C72ADE944A55-1284-000000E30D0F6170_zpse8a07a22.jpg

What he didn't tell us was that the wind would literally freeze us to stone and blow our faces off. Poor Rosie probably thought we were torturing her. As we hiked up the hill the wind picked the snow right up off the ground and slapped us in the face with it all the way.

 photo 64C86E9A-7C8A-4CA5-9DF3-19C2A6330845-1284-000000DF9BCE0EFC_zpscbdf43f8.jpg

Once we got to the top the girls camped out in a cove of trees and played house. One by one we coerced them to sled with us (the "store" was at the bottom of the hill and we needed things like "eggs, bread, milk" for the house) then we would make the trek back up in the wind.

 photo 98EC47A5-81CD-45F1-A762-12D2EC7260C1-1284-000000E306C225DA_zps3385490c.jpg  

At times like this it's easy to think that it's just not worth it. The kids are not interested, we are all freezing, no one wants to sled because they don't want to climb up the hill again. It can be very unpleasant. 

 photo 3863385D-2293-425E-8AF2-C4AC79F1FF8F-1284-000000DF94E94306_zps6c3cb928.jpg

But Easy and I decided many years ago that we weren't going to let trips like this stop us from going again and again. We want our kids to experience life, nature, adventure, and yeah even set-backs. Remember our camping trip to Blue Ridge a few years ago? 

It's about getting out there
It's about playing with them. 
It's about making the best of a poor situation. 
It's about trying again if it doesn't quite work out - which is exactly what we will do. :)

And regardless how the sledding went. RMNP is beautiful!


Just seeing the view's totally made it worth it.



Baa Baa Black Sheep


Last week we got a message from a new friend with an invitation to go see some brand new baby lambs. 


We had a lot going on, but I knew we just couldn't pass this up. Most of them were just days old and cute as ever jumping around on their new little legs and ramming each other in the head.

It was freezing outside + windy, but the girls warmed up to the sheep fast and couldn't get enough.

IMG_5327 IMG_5320

Little Ava constantly had one in her arms. 


Roo on the other hand, kept her distance with a curious eye.


And Rosie gave them a straight-arm to the face and acted bored/annoyed as hell the whole time.

Then, just to show me how over it she was...she does this:


No little lambs are getting attention while this girl is around!


Feb 14th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.31.14 AM
This morning Ava and Mae woke up giggling. They are sooooo excited about Valentines Day! And instead of having to wear their uniforms they got to dress up for school. 

Mae picked her white eyelet dress, hot pink footless tights, and her new grey flats. Ava wore her red and white striped/polka dot dress, white leggings and her brown flats. 

After they dressed Ava handed me a small gift. Two papers glued together with string that they had made days ago. It was all dazzled up with hearts and proclamations of love for Easy and I. I think I will treasure it forever. 

They eagerly ate their breakfast, drank their green smoothies, and secretely talked about the Valentines they will be bringing home from school .

Tonight we plan to have heart-shaped homemade pizza for dinner (girls request) and a skillet pizookie with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert + warm chocolate sauce. Mmmmm! And I will give each of them their small boxes of chocolate and little love notes. 

Like I said the other day I'm not too big on this silly holiday, but I do adore my sweet children and my dear husband of (almost!) 10 years. I don't care to go to a fancy restaurant and I don't demand a dozen red roses. It is pretty nice to just sit back, enjoy each other, and celebrate all the love in our little family... so we will do just that.


Oh Valentines


Valentines Day. 

To be honest I don't really care too much about it. Eeeek! I know! 


But you know what? When I have a reason to celebrate and create things with my girls I love it. I love hearing their ideas about what to do/make. I love to see their excitement and hear their chatter. I love seeing frosting spread across their faces and sprinkles dumped everywhere.

I love how at church on Sunday, instead of Roo giving her cookie to her teacher she handed it to another woman in Primary and said, "This is for you!"

I also totally enjoy a fun reason to go out with Easy other than just because we really need a date. And let's face it - we are new to town, don't know a whole lot of babysitters, and we actually really do need a date this week. Score.

IMG_5255 IMG_5279

Gosh, that makes me sound like I do care about it, huh?


Okay, maybe I do. ;)


Ava has selected bubbles for her classmates this year.

The tags are my favorite:

Don't Burst My Bubble!
You Blow Me Away!
Let's Float Away!
You Are So Bubbly!

and MaeMae decided to give mustache and pucker-lip suckers (I tried to sway her into something not so sugary...but I failed) - sorry Moms! 


Happy Valentines Day!!


Happy Happy Happy Weekend!

Photo on 2-8-13 at 4.59 PM

Every Friday I get so giddy about having all my people together all day for 2 straight days.

We often have somewhere to go or have a grand adventure planned.

But not this weekend.

Photo on 2-8-13 at 5.00 PM #3 2

I have a meeting at church in the morning. 

And that is all. 

Photo on 2-8-13 at 5.00 PM 2

We will just have to see where it takes us from there.

Hope you enjoy your's as well. 


Our Evening Bird

 photo A9266B1D-0FAA-4D85-B652-F8008151BE3A-789-000000A8493B034B_zps7ac96e78.jpg

I imagine most families have a nightly routine after dinner to help things move along a little more smoothly.

Since moving to CO ours has changed a little with Easy having a 25 min commute. We no longer are able to have dinner at 5 and the girls in bed by 7:30. 

When he walks in the door after dinner they want to wrestle, read, talk, talk, talk about the day, and snuggle. 

Roo has always been a little of an evening bird, but lately she has turned into a night owl. 

She consistently stays up well after her sisters have drifted off into dream land and chatters away for hours. She gather's toys and books in the dark and brings them into bed with her - hiding them in the sheets or tucking them in  next to her so perfectly. She also makes 2-3 trips to the bathroom. 

A few weeks ago I walked in to check on her and she had passed out with oversized sunglasses balanced on top of her head. We have found her with books on her face, pennies in her hands, and often times she is wrapped up in her blankets (head completely covered) sweating in a little self-made cocoon. 

It's one of those things I'm sure Easy and I will talk about when she is older. If we are lucky maybe we can catch it all on video for her. 


Vail Baby!

 photo 88E269B0-DAD5-4A41-A8F7-7BBFA55EE189-10264-000007507703A584_zpsb51906bb.jpg       photo 97A8582F-2F7F-404D-B542-4BE31A1184CF-10264-0000075072C1DD86_zps666e4655.jpg

We just returned from Vail where Easy's office is having a little retreat this weekend. The girls and I went up early with him to play and we had a blast! I wish I could be there tomorrow to board on that perfect CO snow with him. 

 photo 3F677473-0EEA-4F55-9D64-1BA28D0EF117-10264-000007506D7B74AD_zps861bbcc8.jpg

While passing the time for free rides up the gondola I took both of the older chickies ice skating. It was mostly me pulling them along on the ice praying that they wouldn't drag me down when they bit the dust. And bite the bust they did! Luckily I stayed on my feet while their limber little bodies took all the falls.

 photo A5A2EDD3-01E6-42EC-BCD2-CB561226D39C-10264-000007506B3C29FE_zps1989fee7.jpg       photo 7879B433-1883-4C7F-BDF3-A44F92E0708E-10264-0000075064F86BE1_zps017ade32.jpg

Rosie was a smiling little treat the whole weekend. Must have been something about being carried around, the fresh air, and having socks as gloves.

 photo 5CA6F12A-4C08-461B-83A3-A723BD072061-10264-000007504E1F2CF4_zps8cf6a237.jpg       photo 2D3FEA3A-2868-454E-9AB0-F40DA05E8E21-10264-000007503FA6069F_zpsf2806e74.jpg

We had all intentions of tubing but at $30 a pop we decided to pass and go up another weekend with our own sled to a place that would be equally scenic and FREE! 

Family of 6 X 30 = $$$

 photo C0E000C1-9855-4BD0-B2E8-7780553E7FC0-10264-000007505C229FBB_zps4c8c6111.jpg

Missing tubing didn't bother us too much as we cruised up and down in the Gondola, hung out in a YURT, had a snowball fight at the top of the mountain, and tromped around on the ski runs. 

 photo C4E34AF7-3764-4372-A460-7CDFF4D46A7C-10264-0000075046881F06_zps6ce0ef77.jpg      photo 2539E8BE-0208-4EE8-A7E7-C123005D42E2-10264-00000750568DEA56_zpsd50c86c2.jpg

For dinner we went to Blue Moose Pizza and filled our bellies. On the way out I spotted The Pioneer Woman dining with non-other than Marlboro Man! We were just about out the door when I turned to Easy and said, "Here's my phone - take a pic of me with this red-haired lady!" He was highly confused but just went with it after seeing that I was totally serious. We apologized for interrupting them and I asked for a quick pic. Ree (we are totally on a first name basis now!) was as sweet as ever as we chatted for a bit...so who's famous now??

When we walked out Easy turned to me and said, "Wait, was that The Pioneer Woman!?!"

She's totally coming for dinner next week ;)

 photo EECDBE1E-5B87-47C1-AA53-40E960D4EE80-10264-0000075751597473_zps13e0618a.jpg    photo 9A6AE6D7-64DE-4885-B795-D2EE2129D834-10264-000007506F43E5A0_zpsed099d00.jpg

After dinner we swam at the hotel and lounged in the hot tub outside before tucking our littles in for the night. 

 photo 36F9C548-5133-41CB-BBF7-246A74475673-10264-000007575633F267_zps25ec64af.jpg

As we headed out after church today (yep - we go to church while on vacation) I felt pleased with our little getaway. The girls were so well behaved, the mountains were beautiful, the food delicious, the resort charming, and the weather was perfect.

Until next time Vail!



I love it when I find little gems like this. 

Have a Happy Weekend!

We are going sledding in Vail!!! 

Yay! I can't wait! 

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