Morning Do-Over

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This morning I woke with a headache.

I think I need a do-over. 

I attribute it to little Rosie waking at 2:30am.

(my cuddling her,
laying her back down,
her screaming,
me trying to ignore her ,
me worrying about her waking everyone else up,
me going back to cuddle her more,
finding her stinking the whole room up with her toxic poop,
changing her diaper,
holding her again,
finally laying her back down then ignoring her cries until we all fall back asleep)

I hit snooze three times after 7am.
In retrospect I should have just kept hitting it.
When I finally got up Roo was on the toilet crying for me to wipe her bottom.

I went in to wake the big girls. Mae was so excited that the tooth fairy came last night and gave her a dollar for her very first tooth! 

Ava was crying because she didn't want to wear the new pants I got her for school. 
I hurried them to get dressed when suddenly MaeMae pouts off about her shirt "feeling funny."

They all get breakfast.

(i get Rosie up, 
put the dog out, 
feed the dog, 
make Ava's lunch, 
get Mae's snack, 
put folder's in backpacks, 
feed the baby, 
put the dog back out)

Then it's off to school and over to the Rec center to see if Mae's coat was in the lost and found. 
...And it wasn't. 

Back home. 
Rosie is down for a much needed early nap. 
Roo is eating applesauce and watching Dora.

I finally have a moment to eat something myself. 
I'm thinking a huge green smoothie with all sorts of energy boosting goodness, antioxidants, and lots of protein.

Then I think I'll have a nap.


Carly said...

Motherhood is a B**** sometimes.

Ash said...

Wow busy morning! I like Carly's comment. Its fun to have a peek into your life, the life of motherhood.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, isn't that how it is? I'm drowning with 3, I don't know how on earth you are doing 4. SUPER MOM!

the crew said...

Yes, that all sounds familiar:). I hope you got your nap - I persuade myself to get up each morning with the promise of a nap later on... it almost never happens though.

Briawna said...

if it makes you feel any better, i was up all night attempting to cough up a lung or two (total hours of sleep: 1.5) and then spent the day apartment hunting. oh, and i'm pregnant. thanks for a glimpse of my future with four. i totally feel your pain, girl. take a nice, long bath and enjoy tomorrow. it's bound to be better than today.

Lechelle said...

Ah you amaze me, some days my two darlings drown me :)

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